3 Weeks Late 5 Negative Tests Is It Still Possible

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MrsKari77 - November 22

Nausea is a sign of anxiety as well, if you are nervous or anxious this could also be another reason for that. Do you ever have any symptoms before you are due to have your cycle?


celticdragon25 - November 24

Here is my story, I had my last lmp on 9-27-10. I am pretty irregular and it is not unusual for me to be 1-2 weeks late. However when I hit 3 weeks I usually start with the hpt's I got all negatives until 11/17/10. Then went to the er and got a negative blood test. Went to the doctor today and I am 8 WEEKS pregnant. LOL. so trust you instincts and trust your body.


MrsKari77 - November 25

Congrats to you Celticdragon. I am so done with seeing a negative on the HPT that I am just waiting for the dr's appt at this point. I am scheduled for DEC 15th and we are anxiously waiting. Did you have a positive result at the Dr's? Or did the exam bring out the news? I am looking for some hope. My symptoms the other day were so bad I was crying for no reason and the nausea was over bearing.


celticdragon25 - November 26

mine was confimed by fetal doppler. They said I am a minimum of 8 weeks but could be 12.


MrsKari77 - November 26

That's the heart rate thing right? Have you had any positive HCG tests? I am just curious. I was looking at my calendar and when I am due to have my second missed period and that is December 3rd. I am really wondering if I should test after that date.


celticdragon25 - November 26

my second af was due I got a faint positive after my period was already 7 weeks late. Then I went to the ER and they told me My blood test was negative. I had a friend who has a fetal doppler because she is agoraphobic and doesnt like to leave the house. She bought it off the internet(for about 60 bucks) and sure enough we found the baby with a beautiful heartbeat of 167 beats per minute. So I went to the health department and did their urine test it was still extremely faint but a positive non the less. I go first thing monday for my ultrasound and all that stuff.


MrsKari77 - November 26

Congrats, that is awesome. That's a nice strong heart beat. Definitely not yours at that rate. :D Wow 7 weeks late you should be about 9 or 10 weeks along then. That's amazing. Good luck on monday. I hope you get a good picture of your little peanut. I think ultrasounds when the baby is that small looks like a little peanut. I cannot wait for my appointment. I am getting anxious!


tnt519 - March 30

Hi everyone, I am 25/single (now) and I have never been pregnant. I am 22 days late, and all the pregnancy tests I have taken have come back negative. I think I experienced the implantation bleeding, it was clear discharge with tiny tiny dots of blood, and it only happened one time a day (when I went to the bathroom) for two days. I get nauseated, have horrible headaches...my lower back KILLS ME...I have gained weight...my mom is not good at talking to me about this. She never even could give me the sex talk...do you think its possible I am pregnant?


msumm - November 18

I'm almost four weeks late and negative tests. I did have an ectopic pregnancy 9 months ago and waited before we started trying. However, I only have one tube now and was told I'm at higher risk of it happening again. My ectopic it was a faint positive on the test even though it was in my tube. I'm trying to make a doctor's appointment for a blood test to reach the hcg levels. Anyone been in this situation?



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