4 Test 2 Wks Ago NOW Testing Negitive 6 5 Wks

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orim88 - October 29

tested pos. on the 10-10 4x, bled for a day 10-21 lite AF like and brown spotting now and then, tested 10-28 and used the same brand test clear blue easy digital and it says NOT PREGNANT , still increasing symptoms , has this happened to anyone and you ve had a healthy baby??? need help>>>>please


lagee04 - November 1

Hey i'm a healthy 23 year old. I had my last period Sept.7 it lasted about 4-5 days. When my period did not come on Oct 7 i figured it was just a few days late but it never came on. So after a week I took 2 hpts and both came out negative. I've been eating a whole lot more then normal,having cravings for food I don't even like,my b___st are tender,my stomach is lightly cramping, and also its getting bigger then normal. It is now Nov 1 and I still havent had my period IU took two more test and both were negative. My period has never been late more then a few days. I'm so worried I don't no what I should do???


c-iredale - November 27

hey there ladies! Now I have been informed that if you are testing after the 2 months preo mark you are likely to get negative results do to your HCG being too high or something like that. I have been telling the docs I am prego for weeks now and they wont do blood without a pos urine sample but I am past the 2 months mark so they may not ever get that result just the baby as the end result! LOL! Hope that helps!


jenniegump - December 4

c-iredale, I was just wondering where you heard that if you are past the two month pregnancy mark it won't register. I have never heard that before, but I know I am pregnant. I have already had an ultrasound done at four weeks and 5 days and I have a picture of my little dot. I had had some problems with threatened miscarriage and now I am not bleeding anymore and my hcg level went from 359 to 704. I haven't had it checked since because my doctor thinks everything is fine. I decided the other day to randomly take a dollar store test ( I am 91/2 weeks) and the d__n thing came out negative. I am really worried now and I have to wait to get my medicaid card to go to my obgyn. Now I don't know what to think. I actually took two and one was positive but only after a long time of waiting and the other was negative. A friend of mine also bought the dollar tree test when she thought she was pregnant. She took one like every week for two months and they all said negative. It wasn't until she began gushing blood and clots and in extreme pain and had to go to the emergency room for the doctor to tell her she wasn't only pregnant but she was having a miscarriage! I don't know how reliable these tests are. Please let me know who told you that, maybe it would ease my mind a little. Also, I saw on your profile you were born in Statesville. I grew up in Statesville and my fiance and I were having some problems ( I lived in myrtle beach with him for the past 4 years) so I came to stay with my mom for a while in Statesville until maybe my fiance and I can work things out. Do you still live here?


brookeann - December 4

Hi I took at hpt yesterday (equate purple cap) and it was positive, I was soooo excited, I went to the dr and 2 urine tests came back negative! But she is sure that I am pregnant since the one came back positive, she said you dont get false positive results, the positive line ONLY comes up when the hormone is detected, no matter how long you let it sit! I have also heard that if the hormone level is very high that it is possible for it to be missed, but I didnt hear it from an expert! I have my hopes up sooo high, so I really hope I am pregnant!!


momtoaandk - December 5

yes, I have heard this is true too, when your hcg levels get to be too high, the tests just can't register them for some reason, usually only blood tests or ultrasound work at that point.



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