4 DAYS LATE And Very Faint Positive Preg Tests

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elizabeth - November 18

i am about 4 days late on my period, i usually go around the same time but never 4 days late, its always one day before. I have taken 4 pregnancy tests and all came out very very faint pregnancy lines. I used First Response early pregnancy and this other one from the dollar store. im confused. Could i be pregnant?


krt - November 19

when I took my pregnancy test I was reading the little leaflet and it said if there is a faint line in the pregnancy window to go to the doc you could be pregnant.... All mine came up negative and I am 2 weeks and 1 day late.


danielle - November 20

you probably are pregnant. wait a couple days b4 you go to the dr though. i took 2 preg tests after my period was 3 days late and it had a faint pregnant line. used first response too. i went ot my dr and the bloodwork came back with low hcg levels so i had to wait a few days and go get another blood test. it wound up that i am pregnant though. good luck


Jeanie - November 21

I have received a positive result when really not pregnant a few times. but this wasn't the test, it was me. I read it too late. I waited longer than 10 minutes to read it and the negative urin created a very very faint line where the positive should have been. they call it a negative urine false positive. However, if you read that positive within the time allowed then I would say you are definately pregnant. Go see the dr. I hope this helped.


Shannon - November 24

Please go to your doc. I tested and it was very faint positive line, I miscarried because I didnt have enough hormone to keep th baby alive, thats why the test was faint, not enough hormone.


alison - November 25

i am concerned about shannon's response. does this mean that if you get a faint positive you are at higher risk of miscarriage due to low hcg levels?


Yolanda - November 26

If you get a faint positive test, no matter what the color (it doesn't have to be the same color) you can probably bet you're pregnant. Congratulations. You should wait another 2-3 days and retest, the line will probably be darker.


Kate - December 4

Congrats I think You are preg:-)


donna - December 10

i am the exact same way...i have done 2 tests so far and they both came up a faint positive...the doc said i may not have enough hormone and if i come back with an early morning urine sample and it still shows faintly, i may have misacrried and not realised. i got myself into such a state....doc shouldnt have said that to me but what i would say to u is to go and get checked out....dont rely on a home test....good luck xx


Natalie - Midwifery Student - December 12

chances are, reading the pregnancy as very faint pregnancy lines that you probably are pregnant. If you used a clear blue pregnancy test, the lines are generally quite faint anyway, the first response is also known to have a very faint positive line. if you arepregnant, chances are your only about 5 weeks at the most, considering you had a period about 5 weeks ago? The level of human chorionic gonadatrophin raises throughout a pregnancy, and the test has detected a level of this. this level will be stronger throughout a pregnancy, which could be why the positive lines tend to be quite faint. The next thing to do is make an appointment with your gp. They shall book you in for a blood test, where they can detect how high the levels of Hcg are in your blood. This test will confirm a pregnancy. I hope whatever it is you decide to do, it goes very well for you.


natalie - midwifery student - December 12

if you have a miscarry , its not because there are low levels of hormones in your body to keep the baby alive. hormones dont keep the baby alive, the hormones are produced by the baby. low levels of hormones tend to mean that you have miscarried, or the baby isnt a perfect fertilization, therefore it cannot reach a full term pregnancy as the correct material hasnt been produced, either that or there was something else wrong with the embryo, and nature has its way of discarding deformed lives. its ot nothing to do with hormones, because the baby PRODUCES THE HORMONES


Worried - December 16

I am also having the same problem. I'm 2 days late but am leaking colostrum out of my left b___st. I have been for a week now. I've taken 2 tests and the line is there but so faint that it looks like a shadow almost. I'm gonna go in for a blood test but now am worried that this pregnancy won't hold. :(


Jenny - January 8

I would say you are pregnant, go to doc. I am not sure when I am late because I have irregular periods every month, but I took 4 ept preg. test and they are faintly pos. I went to primary care physician and urine test was neg. The blood test was also neg. but I heard you have to be about 6 weeks for blood test. I have an appt. Tues with obgyn to find out what's going on. Could I still be pregnant?


Elizabeth - January 26

I have been taking tons of pregnancy tests every month. I am TTC and tonight my first response came up a very faint positive. But I had a miscarriage before I had my daughter and the doctor gave me progesterone to try and encourage the hcg, so to that midwifery student: you are dead wrong. I hope to be pregnant this time. I have been trying so far for 10 months. Keep your fingers crossed for me that_ts a viable pregnancy!!!!


Brooke - January 26

I took 2 dollar store tests came up faint pink, then next morning took a very expensive test and came up very pink. I spoke to Dr. he stated that if there were a pink line at all the test must have detected an increase in hormones - which comes from being pregnant.


Christian - January 30

I'm 3 days late and I have taken 3 pregnancy tests. (1 the day I was supposed to start and the other 2 the days after) How long should I wait before I see my doctor to get an accurate blood test?


Elaine - January 31

The midwifery student is right according to all my research. Up to a quarter of conceptions end up in miscarriage without us even knowing. The "fetus" is not formed right and not viable therefore does not produce enough hormones to carry on. With my first child I had two pink lines. Then 3 years later I saw a very faint second line. Knowing pregnancy hormones almost double daily I thought I would get a darker line two days later. Well, it remained faint to my surprise and 5 days later I got a very heavy and lumpy period. Faint 2nd line does mean pregnancy usually but it's the very faint shadowy line that I think is suspicious.



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