4 Days Late An Negative Result

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3 to get ready - August 13

Hi, I am now 4 days late and keep getting negative results on my test. I am going to the Dr. monday for a blood test. But, in the mean time, has anybody ever had this happen to you, when you tested neg at home, then got the blood test and were positive. This will be my 3rd, and my body is screaming YES YES you are pregnant, but I just can not get over all those tests being negative? Help?!


Stacie - August 10

I completely understand. I am 4 days late myself, and this will be my 3rd child also. I'm calling the doctor today. I'm nervous about ectopic pregnancy. Do you think that would cause a negitive result?


*Lemon* - August 10

Hi there. What pregnancy test did you use? Pregnancy tests can give out false negative results. As you are only 4 days on from when your period should have begun, it may have been slightly too early for a test. It's usually recommended that you wait 3 days and then test again. Good luck! *Lemon*


karen - August 13

Very interesting. I am also 4 days late with a negative test result. . and this would also be my 3rd child. I guess I'll give it another 3 days and test again! good luck to all!


Tickle - February 2

I am 3 days late with a negative test result and this will also be my third time pregnant although I misscarried the last one. I will be waiting another three days as well. I've always usually tested at a week late but jumped the gun this time because I'm getting anxious. I have all the signs myself so I'm just waiting and seeing.


Sparkle - March 5

Unfortunately ladies, my period is 2 months late and all the home pregnancy tests are coming up negative. I am about to go and get a blood test ASAP.


amanda - March 8

Today i am four days late. I get negative results also. I am praying to god that I am not pregnant. I am actually going to take another test today. I already have one child and I feel like I am pregnant.


Jameca - March 8

I'm glad I found this website because I am also fours days late and I was trying to get pregnant but my pregnancy test showed a negative result.


Shy - March 9

I am also 4 days late and got a negative result. I have 4 kids already and had my tubes tied last year and I've never been late. maybe the test are out of date or something.


lin - March 13

i am also 4 to about 5 days late. it happens quite a bit, and end up not being pregnant, but i feel different like i am pregnant. has this happened to anyone else out there and ended up to be pregnant after all the missed disappointments in the past???? PLEASE HELP!! i can't find the answer and keep wasting money on the home pregnancy tests!!


melissa - March 14

I am in the same boat. We have been trying for our 3rd baby and I have VERY regular cycles. I am now 4 days late and have been cramping for about a week. I have been up to 3 days late on rare occasions with cramping and a negative test result. I took a test and it came out negative. I am pretty sure the test is right. I do have some symptoms though. My nipples are sore and I have felt very nauseated the last 2 days. ** I am also VERY stressed due to tax time and stress can play a huge role in a late period. I would suggest to all of you gals to try to relax ( I know it is really hard when you want results) I am going to lay low and expect to start my period. If I don't start within a week, I am going to the OB to get a blood test! That is the only way to be sure. If you all need the peace of mind, try going to the docs! Good luck and I hope we all get some answers soon!


crystal - March 14

LOL, i am 4 days late too and i have taken 3 pregnancy test. I have had 3 miscarriages and the 4th time i was pregnant i had a son. the first one where i misscarried took 2months to show up positive, the second mc took 3 weeks late. with my son i was one day late. I am VERYYY nervous.


Tara - March 14

Hi! This is day 4 for me too, so this morning I tested and it was negative. This afternoon I started cramping and light bleeding. Is this my period, or spotting?


Coree - March 15

hi, i have been off depo provera for 14 months now and i am two months late and i recieved a negative results. good luck to everyone


Treena - March 17

This will probably help no one but it may help someone!. I am currently 9 days late and have just been to seen my doctor. I have done a home test that came up negative and my doc said it is still 50/50. She has told me to saty away from wine and take folic acid just in case. They have sent off a test and I find out in a week for sure. I have nausea, sore nipples and cramps and feel awfully emotional! but not stresssed at all!!! apart from the nto knowing! good luck everyone! x


Kerri - March 20

I too am 4 days late with my third child. The symptons are there; the usual nausea, sore b___sts, cramping. Took 1st test-negative. Took 2nd test-could be positive, but could be negative. Took 3rd test-negative. I'm a little confused. Will call the doctor on Wednesday if nothing. Good luck to all I hope you get the answer you are looking for.


Aurora - March 26

I am 9 days late with negative results on the 3rd, 4th and 5th days. I feel terribly sick, stomach cramps, back ache. sore nipples and lack of appet_te. Am going to get First Response today to do tomorrow morning. I am due to go on holiday on 30 Mar and will do another teat when I return. If there are no results will go to doctor. I feel there is something "wrong" but am not sure what. Good luck everyone!!!



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