4 Faint S 2 Different Brands

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Jenn - February 16

Hi everyone. Well, here is my confusing tale. I haven't had a period since October of '02. That is when I became pregnant with my son who is now 18 months and still br___tfeeding 2-4 times a day. Lately I've simply HAD to have a nap the middle of the afternoon, I just fall over. It made me wonder. So off to Rite Aid I went this morning. I got a 3 pack of Answer Early Test and a 2 pack of Clearblue Easy Early Result. Did the first 2 this morning when I got back, but that wasn't FMU. Still, got just the hint of a line on both within the 3 minutes. Ok, so between noon and 6pm I drank nothing and held my urine (NO easy task, let me assure you!) and took 2 more tests (one of each, again) and this time darker lines, the Answer was especially fast to come up. Though not dark, it was/is visible at arms length. So after reading all the kooky stuff about the CBE Early test, I'm wondering, what do you think the odd are of my being a mom of 4 by the end of the year? BTW, the lines are all still visible, the Answer has faded just a tad, but still there, and the CBE has gotten darker. Advice? :) Thanks for reading this book!


Jenn - February 16

Oh yes! I forgot to say that the CBE test is the pink tip 'Color Sure' kind. Not sure if that makes a difference!


LeAnne - February 16

I also tool the CBE and got 4 faint pos, I called the number on the box and they said that any line with color in the results window is a pos. So i will say congrats, My prob is that im late by 13 days and have taken alot of diff brands of test and CBE is the only one that i have got any kind of pos on, what do you think about that Jenn?...And also the said when i called that it was pos as long as it was withing 10 mins.....hope this has helped


Christina - February 16

Congrats! Have a healthy and happy nine months.


Kimi - February 16

Jenn- Congrats!!! you are indeed preggy!



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