4 Neg Test And 4 Days Late CONFUSED

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Rose - October 31

Am I testing way to early or what? I am really confused right now. I will have slight cramping,nausa and tiredness. My chest doesn't hurt at all but I was also told that if you are full figured that sometimes they do not hurt. I am going to retest on Fri. and see if I finally get a + or a period. I really want to be pregnant. :( Is anyone going through this?


melanie - October 31

yes! I've taken two tests, but my period is so unpredictable. Today has been 40 days since the beginning of my last one, but that's not unusual. I just don't know when to test again!


Rose - November 1

I am just scared to take another one and then get another negative one. Yesterday night it felt like a ton of bricks was in my stomach and my lower back was killing me. I just kept getting sick to my stomach. I goes I will have to take another one Fri. because I do need to find out as soon as possible.


mona - November 1

hi ladies I am through the same.my period are late and hpt keep coming up neg.I call the dr. today and they said I could be pregnant and it not show up.they wont to do the blood test next week.has your dr. said anything to you about that? I also took clomid has anyone else taken it with this problem


A.G. - November 2

Hi ladies, I am 9 days late and have had 3 negative tests. My cycles have been regular the past 3 mo (as far back as I remember since I dont normally keep track). I called the Dr. today, and they said to wait until monday, and if I haven't started to call them back. Gook luck to you all, keep me posted...


Rose - November 2

I haven't called the doctor yet but I really think I should call it. I really don't want to go to my usually gyno because of some personal problems. Would the health department give you a blood test? I know our womens clinic only does urine test. I am still waiting on Fri. to come so I can take another test...



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