5 Home Preg Tests Positive Doc S Is Negative

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hi - April 1

i have done 5 home preg tests (3 diff brands) all positive some faint some dark positives but all positives my doc surgery ran a test and said negative im so confused as the wee sample i gave them was a sample i used to get my positive how can this be??? surgery told me not to worry as they will re test if no period in a few days time! I have already had a m/c no one will believe i have had a m/c is i lost this as the surgery has a negative test there!!!


Susan - April 2

I'm having the same problem. My period was a week late, took three hpt, all came back positive. Went to Dr.'s and that urine test came back negative. Took another hpt when I got home and it was positive! Went back to the Dr.'s and he took two more test--both negative. He then gave me a sonogram and he said I was not pregnant and probably had a miscarriage. Well it's been about two weeks, took another hpt and it's positive---what's going on??


hi - April 5

susan yr def preg xxx tests dont lie get 2nd opinion x


LN - April 5

How far along do you guys expect you were when you went to the doctor? I hear that the doctor tests aren't as sensitive so it may have been too early for it to show up yet.


zoe - April 6

i took two hpt which were poitive,i just took another one with clearblue digital and it said not pregnant.am i pregnant or not.


I FEEL YOU GIRL... - June 23

Its a bit weird. I took a hpt a week after my period due date, positive. I was so happy and told everyone. Here's the catch...the GYN doctor urine test said negative. She was so confident in her answer but too busy to answer any questions. I have all the symptoms; constant peepee, bloated, fatigue, appet_te increas, nauseous, intense sense of smell, and moody... Dont get it. Wa__sup with that, I totally understand.


Dee - June 27

I have had 4 postive tests with all of them with light positives and the digital one said pregrant. when i went to the dr's i tested there and i told them i think i am too early for them to test me by the urine test. Since it was not my morning pee. I was right so they did the blood test on me. It came back postive but the levels are real low so they want to re test my blood again. But they say I am pregnant. This is not my first child so I am a bit confused. But then again I was about 6 weeks pregnant with my daughter before I knew.



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