5 Positive Home Pregnancy Results Doctors Are Negative

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lmarkeson - November 4

I am happy to read all of these posts. They are making me feel a little more normal. I have taken several at home pregnancy tests and they are all positive. Three different brands. I am 7 days late with my period and I have very sore b___sts. I went to the Doctor yesterday and had a negative urine test. He asked me if I would like to take something to make me get my period!! I was horrified. I even brought in my pregnancy test that was positive and showed him!! I don't know what to do, any advice?


lmarkeson - November 12

I went back into the Doctor on Tuesday and had a blood test, it was positive!! I am so excited, I am also getting a different Doctor after that Doctor told me to take something to get my period. Good luck to all the women out there with the same problem, obviously the urine test at the Doctor's office can be wrong, and ask to have a blood test!


laura v - March 15

i am going through the same exact thing right now. took the blood test last night at the doc. waiting with an unbelievable amount of anticipation. they might even have the results today they said.


mckeesters - April 7

These posts lift my heart some. I have take 8 hpt's. Not all of mine have been positive but the majority were. The only ones that were negative were late in the day after drinking a ton of water. I went to the doctor today and the urine test came back negative. I was devastated. I have PCOS and have been taking fertility medication for a long time. Stopped 6 months ago because I needed a break. The doctor is doing a blood test and said they will call me with the results tomorrow but that she was pretty confident I am not pregnant. That may be the case but this gives me back a small amount of the hope I had completely lost. Thanks Everyone!


mckeesters - April 8

Also, I took another test this morning and it still came out positive. Wierd!


mckeesters - April 8

Also, I took another hpt test this morning and it still came out positive. Wierd!


laura v - April 8

keep your head up. mine did turn out to be positive. i am 7 1/2 weeks now :)


mckeesters - April 8

Thanks Laura. I think it is the waiting that is the hard part. I should know some time today so today is dragging on already ;)


lmarkeson - April 8

The pregnancy tests at the doctors office are not early result tests. So, you need to wait until your period is pretty late in order for it to be accurate. That is what I was told when mine came back negative. I am now almost 7 months pregnant with the baby that the doctor told me I was not pregnant with! Good luck ladies!


mckeesters - April 8

So I heard form the doctors office on the blood work and they said I am pegnant. I am concerned thoug because they want me to come back on wednesday and take another blood test. They said my Hcg level is 71 but that my progesterone is only 11 and it should not be less than 12 so they need to test again. Anyone else experienced this? Thanks!


laura v - April 13

just saw these now....so whats the verdict??


mckeesters - April 13

Went in and had the blood work done this afternoon. I should have the results tomorrow by end of day.


mckeesters - April 14

Got the results back. My progesterone level went down again to 8.3, but the nurse says it is just a little low. They called in a prescription for me for Prometrium to help increase my progesterone. My HCG level is 1200 now and they said that is good. Overall I am happy :)


laura v - April 18

ok, then congrats!!!!


princessamy - April 25

I was starting to think I was out of my mind. I never had the idea that I was pregnant, until I drank half a beer and got "drunk". I have been getting my period on time, for the past 3 years, stressed out or not. Always heavy, 5 days and on time. March 8, I received a light 3 day period, which struck me as very odd. Then the beer incident, which further led me to hell why not, and I took one. Instantly it was positive. In my head, I figured I had gotten the ONE test that was lying. Over the next week and a half, I took 7 more. All different brands, from different stores, ALL positive. I went to the doctor, they did a Urine test, Negative. I came home and cried that whole day, thinking the light spotting I had had, a few days before had been a miscarriage. I took another one after the doctor's Negative result, and it was still positive. I went to a clinic today (out of not having any insurance) and they said their Urine test as well, was negative. But the nurses stood their in disbelief that I really had done 8 at home, and that they were positive. I couldn't handle not knowing for sure of anything anymore, and called my regular physician today and explained everything. He said, skip the urine tests, and went immediately to the blood test. Tomorrow morning we will find out! I just wanted to say thanks for everyone for posting what they've been through. I don't think I'm out of my mind anymore!


laura v - April 26




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