5 Positive Home Pregnancy Results Doctors Are Negative

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laura v - April 26



happy2bme - May 13

These forums certainly do help! I had my period last week and it was a little lighter than usual. Took a pregnancy test. Positive. Took another one. Negative. Total of 6 pregnancy tests and only 2 were positive. I'm having terrible cramps but not bleeding or spotting. I have an appointment for a blood test on Monday and honestly feel like they are going to look at me like I am crazy and tell me I am not pregnant. These HPT's will drive you crazy. I already told my bf that I'd gotten 2 positive tests. Haven't missed any of my BC pills and I'm not on any other medications. What in the world could be going on with my body (especially since I had my period)?


laura v - May 17

i do not know.... lol what happened at the doc?


daniellesrrll - June 1

I took 2 positive test so I went to the doctor and their test came back negative so they took blood and in the three days I had to wait for the results I took 3 more positive test but my blood came back negative.. I don't know what think! What should I do?


BarbiedOll - July 2

GOOD LUCK LADIES :) I recently had a stillbirth with my first wich was a boy.. Hardest thing I've gone thru.I'm only 18 but It's been almost 4 months.my period is 1 week late so on the 5th day I took 2 first response test and they said positive.but had faint lines so tha next day I went to a clinic and they did a urine test both came out neg.I told her that I had 2 positive home ones n she said that mostl likely then I am n to take a blood test and urine in tha morning so I took 1 hpt wen I got home a dif brand and two n tha morning they all came out positive so I'm waiting for the 5th to come so I can take a blood test.ino that I am tho because I feel tha same as I did last time an my period is nvr this late.last time I was preg.I went two tha same clinic but it was almost a month after I missed my period so I think it's just to early to tell on there's!


Holly.HT - August 9

Currently I have taken 7 HPT and gotten all positive results, I went into the doctor yesterday they did a urine test and came back negative. I am so crushed. I am going in the afternoon for a blood test so I can be sure. Any kind words are helpful. This is my first so I am very excited.


rrmhjahbaby - September 1

I've taken 2 HPT and both came back positive, the first was a little faint the second I got was one that says "pregnant" or "not pregnant" and it said "pregnant". I went to the dc this afternoon and he say's I'm not so I told him why would I have 2 positives already? His response was well we can do a blood test and see what it says, only downside is that because of the holiday I won't know til mid to late next week :( This would be my 1st pregnancy and with me having a high risk one bc I have Lupus and was told that I might never be able to conceive I am hoping for the best. Last months tests were negative and I had my period, this month it is supposed to start today and there is nothing and I haven't had my usual cramps and bachache and I have none of it... :/ I am not sure what to believe drs or HPT?


sappykat - September 12

Hi everyone, I took 5 tests last week, 3 different brands, 4 different days, morning and night, and all positive. Then Friday/Saturday I had spotting and cramps, felt like period cramps so I called the doctor and was told to stay in bed for the weekend. The spotting was mostly brown but there was some red. Today I went into the doctors, they did an ultrasound and didn't see any baby sac or yoke, just thicken of my lining, and did the pee test which came back negative. We are now waiting on the blood test. I am so confused, am I not pregnant? Did I lose the baby? Was I never pregnant?


starloves davis - January 12

hellow im new on here please i need some major advice.. in november around the 19th my period ended and i became pregnant at the end of the novemeber month i had another menstral cycle! i went to a clinical nusrse and she told me that i probably had a miscarriage and that i should wait till december for my regular cycle to come on. and it did on dec 15 011. also after my normal cycle went away my hpts were still showing positive ! but with faded lines u can barely see! i tried again with my fiance this newyears of this month jan 012 and all of my tests are showing up showin up positvie .. my back hurts im tired all the time.. and my cycle has not even came on yet went to the doc today and there results were negative.. they couldnt even explain to my hpt are positve with dark lines and my period hasnt came on yet ! can somebody plesase help meh ouy please ! im worried


princessamy - January 13

I just wanted to let everything know what had happened. I was pregnant and ended up with a miscarriage- to top it off, I was also raped in May (right after the miscarriage) and I happened to ovulate that same time as well. Same thing started happening again! I was getting positive tests (dark and light), no period, and I was growing! I started getting a lot of bad pains, sharp and sudden in my pelvic region and my boyfriend took me to the hospital. They said "oh you're just constipated". No, I wasn't! Another few months pa__s, and still no period, positive tests and my b___sts were still growing and so was my belly! I was starting to get more pregnant as every day went on.. just no medical reason as to wth was going on. I was sitting at work one day in Nov, and I started feeling like I was bleeding (like the start of my period), but all of the sudden I felt this rush, seeing stars and felt like I was going to pa__s out. I had hemorrhaged. Went to the ER and I was miscarrying; I told them to check their charts because there was no way according to them, I was pregnant! I went in and seen a specialty gyno, and she said that I'd had way too much testosterone and the baby had actually stopped growing, but my body was trying to "treck on" and make it grow. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does it can confuse the hell out of your body. Since then, I've had to keep a real close eye on birth control, cycles (whether I bleed or not), bbt and everything. All I can say is BELIEVE YOURSELF! Doctors don't have all the answers and they sure as hell can only tell you so much when they don't know! But if you ever feel that something is going seriously wrong with your body, don't b__w it off like "oh no one is going to believe me.." go to the ER and get checked out


Momma217 - January 27

Hi girls! :) March of last year I had my first m/c, This month came along and I never got my period which is always exactly on the day which is (1/20/12){my birthday} this month. No cramps for a period ever came, Boobs are sooooo sore :'( I even smacked my husband for lightly touching them! Super tired! I used a pregnancy calculator, If I am.. today would be the start of 4 weeks pregnant! :) Just called the clinic's "number system" to find out if I was positive. Nope says I'm not pregnant but haven't started my period yet..I'm buying 10 hpts on February 1st! My whole family thinks I am and that the doctors are full of poo! I'll be sure to post the results! [3 till then baby dust everyone!


lynall21 - February 10

hi all, i'm new to this and i was having alot of concerns regarding hpt, i'm 29 and i've never tested positive for pregnacy, but last week i have the worst cramps for 3 days with just a lil spotting that was light pink, i decieded to take a hpt and it came back positive to my suprise, all this week i have tooken different tests all at different times so far a total of 6 all positive and im beyond excited but i was worried that when i go to the doctor's tomrrw my heart will be broken but after reading so many stories i feel so much better and i can now be at ease if i do test negative tmrrw, i knw i wont be alone and i know that there will be a 50-50 chance i could actually be pregnant thank you all for posting ur stories, u have helped so much, i will post the results i get tomrrw from the dr.'s, please everyone keep ur fingers crossed and me in ur prayers!


nycsgirl4life - March 4

i took a hpt because we are trying for our second one after almost 5 years and it came back positive...i didnt wait the 5 days before my missed period because i was on birth control and just stopped taking them and couldnt wait that long. well i made a doc appointment the same day and i went in there all excited because in my heart i knew and im showing the sympoms..i figured it up it was 3 weeks after intercourse. well they did a urine test and ran it twice and they were both negative so they did blood work and it was negative...how can this be? i know im pregnant and i was so disappointed leaving that office. do you think that maybe 3 weeks was too early for the blood work and not my hpt i took? its been little over a week since then do you think i should take another hpt and try one this time that actually reads pregnant or not pregnant? i need some advice because i really want this. thanks.


laura v - March 5

i would say to take another hpt. it seems that the doctors pee tests are not as sensitive. i went through the same thing about a year ago, the hpt was right! i have a beautiful 4 month old girl now!


nycsgirl4life - March 5

thanks. well the problem im having is the fact that the blood test they took was negative too. i know i am i can feel it lol.. maybe it was just too early for the blood test? i will be taking another test very soon this is driving me crazy not knowing lol


nycsgirl4life - March 5

well took another hpt and it was negative :( i know i am i can just feel it if that makes any sense. oh well try harder i guess



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