5 Positive Home Pregnancy Results Doctors Are Negative

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leah - October 6

I'm glad I'm not the only one. Can't say how many home pregnancy tests I took; but they all came back positive. Went to the doctor several times and had blood test done and they all came back negative. In my heart I know I am because I have never missed a period before and my last period was on July 6, 2005 and my tummy is bigger than ever. Time tells everything girls; you are not alone. Good luck!


Mica - October 6

The hospital did a blood test and it came back positive but my hcg level was 18. I had to go back to the hospital Monday to have another quant_tive hcg test done and my levels were only 3. Obviously I miscarried, but I didn't pa__s any noticeable tissue or anything. We are going to ttc again as soon as possible.


Lisa - October 15

This is happening to me now as we speak. I have taken many home pregnancy tests and they quickly and brightly came out postive. I went to one doctor who took a blood and urine test and they both came out postive. The doctor took it one more time and it was still postive. I went on 5 weeks and than started spotting. Having all the symtoms of pregnancy. I thought I had a miscarriage. I went to the hospital today and took a blood test and urine test. They both somehow came out negative to pregnancy. I am totally confused right now and have no idea what is going on with my body. Did I have a miscarriage? Was I pregnant or am I still pregnant? How many tests can you take that can come out postive and than come out negative? Best to everyone as well. I see many women are going through the same thing as I am. I would like to know what everyones opinion and/or answers would be.


sara - October 16

Lisa-I am wondering the same thing you are.I have taken 6 hpts and they all came up pos.But yesterday I took 2 more and they were neg.It broke my heart.I go to the drs tomorrow to get a urine/blood test done.I am as lost as you are.If I find out anything on what can be going on I'll post it-please do the same.Maybe we can help eachother out of this insanity!!!


sara - October 21

Well,back from the drs and my urine test was neg.She did a pelvic exam and saw some old brown blood and she said that is probably from when I miscarried.That is the reason for my pos then neg results.My blood tests results will come back monday so i'll find out if there is still hope then.I'll post the results.Lisa-have you found out anything?Best wishes to all of you!


Lisa - October 21

Sara- I am sorry about your miscarriage..If thats what really happened to us. I havent found anything out recently about being pregnant and my weight has dropped a lot. And I've been very sick with the stomach flu I think, So ontop of that and everything else, Im just feeling downrght lousy. I a__sume I miscarried. But I'm not so entirely sure yet. If you have any question or answers or suggestion, Please let me know. Sara- Are you feeling depressed and just out of sorts? I do hope things go well for you. Please keep me on the update and maybe we can get through this. Best of luck to you all!


Sara - October 22

Lisa-have you had any spotting or bleeding since the 1st time you had some spotting?When I went to the drs and she did a pelvic exam she said she saw some spots of brown old blood.That with the neg tests is how she came up with that I miscarried.What I don't understand is couldn't that have been implantation bleeding?Maybe I am just grasping for a little hope.Yesterday when I used the restroom I had a little bit of that brown old blood come out but nothing red or pink.Have you had AF yet?I am continuing to have symptoms.Yesterday I was VERY nauseous every time after I ate.My bbs are continuing to kill me and I noticed that my back has been starting to hurt for the past couple days.This waiting is making me go crazy.I am just so sad but then I feel in my heart that the baby is ok.I don't know,maybe since I want this so bad I am not willing to acceptthat I probably did miscarry.I guess I'll have a definite answer Monday.My dr said if my levels ome back that I am still pg she wants to order a ultrasound STAT-she said .That makes me kind of nervous because it seems that if the baby is still alive then she thinks something is wrong.All of the abnormal cramping that I have been having is pretty much gone now.Have you done a blood test yet?If so when are you suppose to find out something? I hope you start feeling better and hopefully we will both find out something very soon!!Take care of yourself and stay positive,I'll try to do the same!


Sara - October 23

I lost my baby.Friday I had a little bit of brown blood when I used the restroom.Then last night when I wiped I had light pink discharge.Today I have the worst cramps than I have had in my whole life! When I just used the restroom right now I had red blood come out but it almost looked like tissue.(I'm sorry).I am so numb and upset right now.I know that God knew something was wrong and that is why this happened.Lisa and all the rest of you-I wish you all the best and baby dust to all of you.


Lisa - October 27

Hi Sara. I know the waiting part is the worst. Today I was at walmart and wanted to buy another pregnancy test. I am so afraid to take the test again. I didnt buy it though. The hospitals blood test told me I was never pregnant. But I had two urine tests and 1 blood test at my doctors. And they all came out positive. I still feel symptoms of pregnancy. My staining and blood was NOT my period. It was so unusual and even though it lasted for almost two weeks of strange pink discharge, It was never my period I've known for my whole life. It was unusual. I'm kind of waiting to see if I do get it, then I'll know that I miscarried. But I'm finding it hard to take the test to see a negative. I'm feeling confused and sad and probably still in denial. I have 3 kids 18, 16, and 12, Going on 13 and I was a widow and just recently got married. He didnt want the baby but I knew I did. :) So I'm kinda mourning on my own. My kids were excited. But, Now we just kind of accept God's will. I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Was this your first pregnancy? Even though it could be one week or 20 weeks we still grieve for the lose of our baby. Let me know how your doing and it's great to have someone experiencing what I am. If you have an email, Mines [email protected] and my Instant message is blueyes9767. Keep in touch. Your in my prayers. Good luck to everyone as well. God bless.


Sara - October 27

Lisa-my email is [email protected] me there so we can help eachother through this.Hang in there and I'll try to do the same.


denise - November 8

Can anyone offer advice? Ovulation was 24th or 25th of oct. Had a blood preg test on 11/2, neg. Did seven home pregnancy tests (four dif brands)over this past wkend, 11/4-11/6 all pos. Went to doc today-15 dpo and urine test was negative. So I came home and did two other preg tests... pos. What's going on? Thanks.


Channing - November 9

Yes it happend to me. My period was one or two days late I took Hpt {nov 7th} it was positive, I did a clinic Blood test it was positive with a quant level of 58 on day 14 {days past ovulation}. Today a Diffrent Dr had me take clinic PT {pee test} it was neg. I am supposed to be 4 weeks preg. I wish you luck and hope for the best.


Channing - November 9

Hey denise, I ovulated Oct 24th and today I am 16 dpo. keep in touch good luck.


channing - November 9

I just took another Hpt and it is...............very positive . I hope my blood test is today to.


denise - November 9

Channing-I'm so grateful for your posts. I was feelling like I'm in an episode of the x files. Your blood test of 58 on day 14 is perfect. My blood was drawn yesterday and we're hoping for a 59, which is avg for day 15. I should know my blood results tomorrow. Let's hope the doc's urine tests are looking for 100. My home tests of last night and this morning are both + again. Have now done a total of 7 dif brands. Please keep me posted on your progress and God bless. Hang in there. Will post again Thu afternoon with results. :o)


denise - November 9

... did I mention I'm getting to the point where I'm testing at every trip to the restroom... even at work! Somebody stop me! :)



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