5 Postive HPT And Dr S Say I Was Never Pregnant

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mamatokevin - January 5

I am wondering if any of you can tell me what you think happened to me. Here is my story: My last period was Dec 5 2007. On Dec 12 (I had an endometrial biopsy-because my lining was "thicker than normal" a few weeks prior)(it came back alright and I was told to procede with ttc. On Dec 19th my dh and I had s_x. (I knew that I was ovulating). On dec 30- I starting to feel pinching in my uterus and then on dec 31st I had the pregnancy nausea (I quickly recognized it as I have had one child who is 15 months old and I had the same kind of nausea with him). I took a first response preg. test that had a very faint pink line. Then I took the ept prg. test which either says PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT and it said "PREGNANT!" We were excited. (By the way my AF always comes between day 26-28- so Dec. 31st was day 26 for me- and obviously I had no AF). Then on the 2nd I took another EPT ahich came out as "NOT PREGNANT" and the First Reponse came out as POSTIVE- then on Jan 3rd I took another EPT that said "PREGNANT" and the first reponse had the faint pink line for positive. Then on the morning of Jan 4th- I started spotting- then bleeding I went to a clinic they did a urine test which came out NEGATIVE. They said I was probably having AF. I couldn't believe this- I had 5 hpt say Postive over the past 4 days and I had some major preggo sysmptoms. So I asked to have a "QUANTITATIVE blood test" done at 8:30am they drew blood and said the results would come back the next day. I went home where I began to have severe cramping and a lot more blood (way more cramping and bleeding than AF)(sorry to be graphinc but I had some clots and blood ran out like syrup when I went to use the restroom). I had my husband take me to the navy hosp across town (we're military). They did a Qualitative blood test at 3:30pm and is was NEGATIVE. Today I received a call from the nurse at the other clinic who said that the Qualitative number was Hcg of 4. I think that I was newly prgnant - ( I had all symptoms and my period was late). I found out early with the "early tests" (that said pregnant). (How can 5 positive tests be so wrong? ) Then the embryo for what ever reson did not continue on and I had a very early miscarriage- please tell me what you think? I am still so confused about what happened and medical professional will not give me any answers. Thank you for your replys. Dawn (mamtokevin)


mommy2be? - January 5

Sounds like you had a spontaneous abortion (miscarriage). Most woman don't even know they have one because its so early in the pregnancy that they a__sume their just having a weird period. I lost a baby between my two children. The pregnancy test came back negative and the doctor thought I was imagining the pregnancy until he did a physical exam. And I know first hand how helpful military doctors can be- NOT!!!! Try talking to your primary doctor about your concerns. I'm sorry for your loss.


CarrieM - January 5

I think if you tried again soon, that it would be easier to concieve, because you have HcG hang around in your body. Many women after a miscarriage go on to concieve very soon after. Some the very next month! Try again and don't stress, because it has a big affect on your body!! Blessings to you! and Baby Dust!



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