60 Days Late And 8 Negative Pregnancy Tests

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MandyMoo - October 1

Hi Everyone, Firstly I am Mandy and my hubby and I have been trying to have another baby for 8 months now. The first day of my last period was on the 2nd of August, putting me at 60 days late. Approx 8 weeks. I have taken a pregnancy test every week, 8 in total and have followed the directions accurately, (First morning urine) and they are all still showing up negative. We have a Doctors appointment tomorrow afternoon and I am going to demand a blood test to help find out one way or another. My periods aren't very regular however they normally are only between one and two weeks late. I am extremely tired but no more than usual after chasing our three year old around all day. I have had cramps on and off and and a little nauseated at times but no other common pregnancy symptoms. With our daughter the HPT showed up positive after I was three days late for my period. I am just after some advice and if their is anyone else out there going through the same thing then please share. If I am not pregnant any ideas on what else could be going on? Thank you


clindholm - October 1

Hopefully you are pregnant and will get a positive soon, a couple things it may be if not is a hormone imbalance, thyroid problem, or cysts. Good luck and post back when you find out!


Tiffany814 - October 1

Hi Mandy, I'm in a similar situation. I'm on cd 52, my last period was on August 11th. I have very irregular cycles but usually never more than 45 days. Today is 52 days. I've also taken approx. 4 pregnancy tests and they're all negative. I really don't have many symptoms, but I didn't have any symps with my son either. I really don't think I'm pregnant , I'm starting to lose hope. I did have spotting on sept. 8-11 which I thought might be implantation bleeding but I now realize it was not. I guess I'll just wait it out, but if I don't get my period by next week I'm calling the doctor and getting a blood test too. Good Luck to you- keep us posted!!


MandyMoo - October 2

Thank you both for your replies. It is very upsetting Tiffany I know. I guess we are both in the same boat!! I went to the Doctor this afternoon and have had a blood test and will have the results tomorrow. I also had very pale pink on the toilet paper last night but nothing has eventuated. I asked my doctor if I am not pregnant what else could be going on and he wasn't very helpful. He explained that many women can miss periods for no reason at all and can go for as long as six months. I was ill a few months ago and had a series of blood tests done and my thyroid all came back fine. I will keep posting and let you know what happens. I want to be pregnant so desperately and am just so afraid to get my hopes up as I feel deep dpwn I am not pregnant. Oh and ladies could the very faint pink last night have been implantation perhaps? Oh I am just clutching at straws I think because I want another baby so bad.


MandyMoo - October 2

Tiffany- As soon as you have a blood test and have your results please let me know how you go. Clindholm- Thank you and I will find another doctor and have some tests done to try and concluded what has been happening.


clindholm - October 2

Mandy- good luck, please post back when you get your test results!


HappyWife - October 2

Hey! I had skipped 2 periods completely and was thinking that I was preggers too. I did 5 urine tests and 2 blood tests and all neg. Finally I got an ultrasound and it turns out that I have a cyst. They can cause abdominal pain and missed periods. I hope that helps you out! My hubby and I were trying too but its okay, God's timing, not ours....and I have had 2 regular periods now but have too have more tests done for my cyst. Its not fun, but at least after no period for a good 2 months I now know what's up...hope that helped!!! But keep your hopes high and your fingers crossed!!!


MandyMoo - October 2

Thank you Happywife. I think that is what may be going on with me then. I phoned the doctors twice this morning and they were hesitant about giving results over the phone but I was very persuasive and then they phoned back with a BFN........ I was so upset. I promised myself that i wouldn't cry but they just started flowing. My DH has been wonderful though. Very suportive and very insistent that we see another doctor and have tests and try and find a solution. I want another baby more than anything but at the same time I don't know how much more of this I can go through. It has been eight long months now and it is really taking it's toll on me. As previously posted I didn't 100% feel pregnant but have had many symptoms and two missed periods so am feeling a little scared now. The Doc has established I am not pregnant so just bring on AF already. Sorry ladies just venting alot here. You just think that a man and a woman love one another and wish to have a child so they do their BD at time of the "o" and then you are pregnant.....I wish it was that easy. Well I promise not to be one of the many women on here that don't follow up with their posts and I will keep you all updated. Also. Has anyone tried "maybe baby"? It is suppose to be good but just wanted some opinions on it first. Thank you all for your personal experiences and advice. It means alot!!


lucyluz - October 20

Hi Everybody, My name is Lucy and i am 21 years old, i am also in the same boat my boyfriend and i have been trying to get pregnant... I am approx 52-55 days late. My last period was on 8-20-08 and didnt get it in september or october!! i have taken 3 pregnancy test and all come out negative. I feel pregnant i wake up like 2-3 in the middle of the night having to pee. My stomach has grown to have like a little bump i have frequent headaches as well as backaches..I had a doctors appt on the 15th of this month they did a blood test they said it takes about a week for the results. Could i be pregnant?? Or just late?? but i have never been two months late not even one month late... but im not trying to get my hopes up because there always is a first time....


Anglbug002 - October 22

I'm going through the same thing also, my last AF was August 26th. I took two HPT and both were BFN. Made a doctors appt and they did both a urine and a blood test. Both were BFN. I'm sttill having symptoms like having to pee a lot, slight lower back pain, sick to my stomach, especially after I eat, sleep quite a bit. My doctor told me that I am not going through menopause either because of the blood results. I was telling a friend of mine all this and she just had a baby recently, and she said that the first time she took a blood test, it was a BFN, but she kept having the symptoms, so she went to another doctor and did another pregnancy test and it came back a BFP. The doctor told her that sometimes a blood test can be wrong. And not detect a pregnancy at first. She was 7 weeks pregnant when she was tested the first time and then when she got the BFN, she was 10 weeks along. I know that I don't have a cyst, since I did have an abnormal pap, so I ended up going to have ultrasounds and several biopsies the first part of October. No cysts were found at all. I have to go back to my doctors in the middle of November for another blood tests, he said if that was a BFN, he would run more tests to see what might be causing all of this. I do hope that I am pregnant, I wnat to have another baby so bad. Good luck to everyone.


skinnycow - October 22

Happywife I think I have the same as you. I have exactly the same sympotoms as Mandy. I am on cd 44. Usually period by cd36 so this is abit longer. Loads of BFN so think I will stop kidding myself and not do anymore. I had an USS in August and GP didnt really discuss with me but referred me to gynaecologist with infertility expert. I think I did have a cysts but why aren't they doing anything about it? What is the treatment? I think it comes and goes but surely they should just get it out. My initial consultation is tomorrow and I am so anxious about meeting the consultant. I hope he can help me. If he is like my useless GP I will cry.


AddyB - November 1

I am now 88 days late. The last day of my period was approximately Aug. 4th. Since then I took a test in late Aug. and in mid Sept. Both were negative. But still no period.. Anf now my urine has a different smell. I do have a history of thyroid problems so could this just be an effect? Im also tired. All the time. But I dont know if thats really a sign because I work six days a week and go full time to College. I dont throw up but i randomly get nauseated and get the urge to throw up.. my body just never follows through. My b___sts arent tender or anything but my b___sts have always had a certain lack of feeling in them. I do have heartburn sometimes. but I have acid reflux and I dont know if thats related at all. I do however get hot flashes. My face gets hot and my fingers and toes get cold. Its wierd. Any ideas? Or suggestions?


jyls - November 3

Hi Mandy. I am going through something similar. I am 13 days late, and 4 negative tests including a negative blood test. If you are not pregnant, perhaps it is your thyroid. A thyroid disorder can cause you to skip periods. I had blood drawn today because I HAVE NEVER been late with a period. Symptoms can of a thyroid disorder is fatigue. I hope you get the answers you are looking for. I sympathize with you. 8 weeks! I am going nuts over thirteen days.


Shawns_Mommy - November 5

Hi everyone!!! well in Sept. 4 2007 was my last period. I waited for my period to come Oct. 2nd, and nothing. I took a home pregnancy test and it came back negative. 10 days after my missed period I took a blood test. It came out negative, so I was convinced I was not pregnant. I waited until Nov. 6th and took another home pregnancy test, and that one came back postive...after 2 whole missed periods!!! I had my beautiful baby boy Shawn June 12th 2008, but he had a condition in his right lung, and sad to say my beautiful boy went to heaven at 38 days old. My husband and I are trying to have more kids, and I am praying God will bless me with more kids soon! My last period was Sept. 16th of this year, and I didn't get a period at all for Oct.. I have taken 4 pregnancy tests, and all of them are negative. I am going to wait another two weeks and take another one =)


slightlyconfused - December 27

I need some advice. I'm now today 62 days late. I feel sick but not all the time. I'm extremely tires and slightly crampy. I was told by the doctors there was a possibility I can't have kids due to scaring. I guess what I'm asking was is there a chance I'm pregnant? Should I take a test?



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