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AHAVA - February 22

just to let you know the first day of my last period was 19th december> i have all symptoms, and no periods, but 9 neg hpt later, still dont know what is up. So i went to the doctors, and they looked at me like i was a fruit and nut case: i made them take a blood test, will have results this friday or monday: ANYONE else in same boat?


Veronica - February 22

TO AHAVA. I have not had a period since dec. 5th.I have taken 6 HPT'S and gotten all BFN'S . I have a doctors appointment on the 28th so we'll see. Keep me posted on your results


momof3 - February 23

I know how you feel. Today is day 78 for me. I went to urgent care last night. they said it might be too early to tell, because of my history. or I have low HCG levels. I knew that! She said to to my OBGYN and have a ultrasound. yea only problem I don't have a OBGYN yet. Just moved here.


Christina - February 23

Hey girls, i just had my ob/gyn take some blood and she said my thyroid isnt fuctioning properly. btw my lmp was 11/19/04. i go mid-march to see my endocronologist. i'll keep u girls updated. make sure u get ur proactin hormone checked too. that can stop your period also. g/l


Erica - February 24

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 3 yrs ago. My cycles are usually 40-45 days long. I conceived my son by use of Clomid 2 yrs.ago. I have never missed a period. I am at day 51 and nothing. I took a hpt which was neg. Had some mid cycle spotting and pm symptoms. Don't know what to think.


Dawn - March 9

I am in the same boat. I am at 45 days, have had many symptoms but no period. I have taken 3 HPTs but all negative. Am going to try again this weekend - it's so bizarre and confusing. My ob/gyn already tested for thyroid problems and fine there. Keep me posted on what happens with you all!


SAM - March 11

OH MY GOD! The first day of my last period was Dec 19th as well!!!! Ive had about 8 pregnancy tests, all -ive and a blood test as well which was -ive. Doc has told me im certainly not PG. But I have a fluttering in my lower abdomen now. Do tell me what happens with u. My Doc has given me Clomid but Im still waiting for my period yet. Keep us posted. x



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