6 Weeks Ultrasound Question

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tina - November 29

Hi, I had detectable HCG levels in a blood test. But at 6 weeks, the doctor did an ultrasound and he doesn't see an embryo. He thinks I may not be as pregnant as I think I am. I am sure of my LMP date. So can't be wrong about that. Anyone has any input on this?


T - November 29

Tina - I agree with your doctor. It is possible you aren't as far along into your pregnancy as you thought you are. This happens quite often so try not to worry about the embryo not showing on the ultrasound. Congratulations on your pregnancy. :o)


tina - November 30

Thanks for your response. Really appreciate it. I am sure of the first day of my LMP. Which is why I don't understand how I could have detectable HCG levels and still not be able to see the embryo. Based on the LMP date, I am definitely 6 weeks. Not sure how my estimate could be wrong if I know that date for sure. May be my cycle is not exactly 28 days each time and that's why. Anyway - this doctor was also very blunt and wouldn't explain anything and said I shouldn't worry at all and cause harm etc. He was very obnoxious. I need to change the doctor first and get another u/s done.


Debra - November 30

It might be that you ovulated later than two weeks after your lmp and your cycle is longer than 28 days. Try not to worry too much. Hopefully you will get good news with the next ultrasound.


Tina - November 30

I have scheduled another blood test. I will know the HCG levels on thursday. What levels (numbers) should I expect? Approximately? I will ask for another u/s with the new doctor at 8 weeks.


cara - December 7

embryo's are only visible by ultrasound when hCG level is over 2000 units which isn't necessarily 6 wks LMP, may be later for some people, so have a rescan in a couple of weeks


tina - December 7

I had a blood test 4 days after that and the hcg levels were close to 25000. At least that was nice to know. Hoping and praying that the next u/s should turn out ok.


eyebeeablessing2u - December 7

Sometimes it may still be too early to detect a baby... and could relate to the technician as well so I have heard. even a few days can make a difference to what they can and can not see in an ultrasound. Yuor levels are great so be positive.


tina - December 8

Yeah, trying very hard to be positive and not think about anything negative. There is so much negative stuff out there...anyway - hoping for the best. Will keep you posted.


Trish - December 10

I am going through the same thing but a little more than that,,, have all symptoms and even showing on bottom tummy and top part of tummy is forming as well. Blood tests negative, ultrasound the saw no baby, and doctor said yes i am or i was but it was a failed pregnancy. I dont feel he is correct,, still have cravings and still have sore , swollen b___sts that are leaking. Im soo very confused about this....helllllllllp


t - December 10

Try to consult a different doctor if you feel he did the u/s too early - in which case he may not be able to see anything. It looks like from this forum a lot of people have negative tests even if they are pregnant. I would also ask for another blood test and see what your HCG levels are - if the levels are increasing, it is hopeful. Good luck, really.


Trish - December 10

Initially I went to a different doctor but decided they were too flaky to deal with. Hence, the new doctor, who I felt was really good but, when sent over to the u/s,,, the technician said my bladder wasnt full and did u/s anyway... sooo For me right now its more like intuition playing a big part here, but I dont want to come across as some woman who is obsessing either. Im 31 and can/could have a child at anytime I choose/chose but I HAVE had 2 miscarriages. I was wondering since im anemic could that throw off the blood test, my hemoglobin is an 8. But thats just speculation as well.......thanks for the reply t....


t - December 10

Am surprised they didn't do a transv____al ultrasound - it is more sensitive - esp at this early stage. Your bladder has to be full only for an abdominal u/s. Also why don't you ask for another blood test to have your HCG levels checked? That will be a good indicator. If you are not bleeding and you have other symptoms of pregnancy, it is possible you are pregnant. Either way you need to take care of this with a good doctor.


Trish - December 11

Thanks for ur reply T.. ur being so helpful...and I REALLY REALLY NEED AND APPRECIATE IT,,,,,She actually started the u/s with the one on my belly for about 3minutes lol,then said my bladder wasnt full and got agitated then she did transv____al u/s, fished around for about 7 or 8 minutes and couldnt find anything, just felt she was not sure actually. And this evening other doctors office called me to set up for an ultrasound on monday morning so Im going to that to see what happens. Also, I have had 2blood tests negative so far. But used a home test ...very faint positive there. I am showing though,, its really crazy, and im still craving and hungry alot ughhhhhh Im sorry but im so frustrated. Also wanted to tell u the place that did the first u/s was not a gyno or obstetrician. Dont know if that makes a difference but I DID EXPECT SOMEONE WITH EXPERIENCE to be using this machine...ughhhhhhh


anita - December 12

Hi, well its nice to hear that many are facing a problem and i feel iam not alone. I am 8 days ahead of my expected date i did my HPT it showed negative should i wait and do it again. This is the first time my days are gone ahead and have pregnancy symptoms my b___sts are hard and swollen too. pls advice how to go ahead ?????


t - December 12

Anita, it depends on how regular you are in the first place. If you are very regular and you think there is a possibility of having conceived, you can wait another 3 days and take the test again - if the HCG levels have increased, you may atleast see a faint positive. Trish - feels sad to read about what you are going through - they are putting you through a lot of anxiety. It definitely makes a difference - if you are very early in the no of weeks pregnant, an inexperienced person will not be able to spot the embryo. On the other hand, the mind can do a lot of tricks when you really want something. So you have to make sure of this one way or another. Good luck for Monday.


Trish - December 13

Went to have a u/s done today at an outside office per my doctor.U would no believe this, first of all they tried to do abdomen u/s told me the order only called for that,,, and not a pelvic u/s. I was so upset, ended up calling my doctors office and giving them a piece of my mind. First of all they called me friday to inform me of u/s appt for monday stating they wanted to check for ectopic preg. Then I get there today and this place has no idea whats going on at all, not their fault at all though. I eventually get the pelvic u/s and when i get in there she asks about last period and tells me at this stage she doubts she would see anything,, ughhhhhhhhh I mean cooome on what do i have to do here?? Im losing it sloooowly. After all this and now what i just dont know anymore these doctors are horrible



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