7 Days Late And Faint Line

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Sassygirl - October 1

I am now 7 days late, I took past test this past week and all negative, this morning I took another and got a clear negative with a super light line that is pink not like one of the evaporation lines I have been seeing. Was wondering if anyone else has had this same problem. I am going to test again on Monday, and I have a GYN appointment on Tuesday morning, Hoping for the best.


F - October 1

I am going throught the same thing. My last period was August 16th. I did not get a period in September and still haven't! Needless to say, I am VERY LATE!!! I took several tests that came up positive with very faint lines, and this was AFTER the amount of time they say to look at your test! So this morning I took one and a very faint line showed up within a few minutes. Even though it quite hasn't hit me, I do believe I am pregnant!!! I am going to take another test in a few days to settle any doubts. So anyway, good luck and a faint line is a line all the same!!


ASH - October 2



Sa__sygirl - October 2

I got a dark postive this morning, I am so happy, I can't wait until my GYN tells me himself. I should be about 5 - 6 weeks also. Good Luck To You all Also ;)


Ana - October 2

I don't know if I believe that any line is a positive one. I'd like to though. I tested 3 days ago, not nothing but an evaporation line. Took the test apart to make sure...still only an evap line. Looked at it again the next day and it was pink. Took another test with FMU and it was negative. Nothing but an evap line. Left that sitting out overnight and it stayed negative. Tested again a day later. Negative...until I took it apart and let it sit for a few hours. So I've got all negatives within the alloted time and two faint positives hours or days after tests were taken. I want to test again, but I'm tired of such unclear answers. I don't really have any symptoms of being pregnant. And sa__sygirl, you talk about the evaporation lines you've been seeing. I think it's funny that other people swear there are no such things as evap lines, but I've seen them on every test I've ever taken. They do exist. Good luck to you on tuesday.


Sadey - October 5

Hi Sa__sygirl, How did u get one! Well i have mixed feeling witht the evaporation lines. I have had loads of them with the clearblue and the line came up literally 10 minutes after the alloted time! Sometimes i think i'm preg and then when i do a test, i thinks its not a definite answer. i did one about a week ago and aline came up within the timeframe but only i could see it. My BF couldn't, but where i could it came up darker 10 minutes later where i had seen it. My Bf could then see it very clearly and i said it shouldn't take any notice of it?


Sa__sygirl - October 5

Well, I just found out yesterday at the GYN appt. I am 5 weeks pregnant, I am so happy. I would suggest to anyone taking a test to count at least 36 days after their period. Once you miss the next, just count from the last one. It shoul;d come up at least if not a dark line a light one, I took another test this past Monday before the Doctor, and it came up postive with one line lighter than the other. Don't give up ladies, Keep me informed, Best Wishes.


Yayy!!! - October 5

Sa__sygirl, I'm so happy for you!!!


Kimi - October 6



Crissi - October 6

Yeah Sa__sy! Heres to hoping that my faint line is a true one too!! :)


Ana - October 7

Wow! Congrats. Why do the tests say that it can detect hcg in 99% of women the day they miss their periods!?!?! There are soooo many women who are testing 7 days later and still getting negatives! Wow. So sa__sygirl, did you test on day 36? I'm on day 32. I got my "period" if you want to call it that. It lasted only 2 days and it was more roses tinted than pink. I don't have any other symptoms though...so I'm kind of doubtful.


Jacq - October 8

My last period was August 16th and I took a hpt about a week after af due, negative. Last month I was 45 days between periods and I was not pregnant. Now I just took 6 hpt on Wednesday and all had faint lines indicating pregnancy. I took a digital test yesterday, and it said pregnant. I must be pregnant. I notice that I can't fit my clothes around the waistline, but this time I have not had any symptoms except my stomach feeling full. So a faint line does indicate pregancy.


Ana - October 8

Jacq. congrats to you!!! Did all of your negative tests stay negative after you took them? Mine were negative until the next day...then they were a faint pink. But I really don't think I'm prgnant. I went to the dr and got a neg. urine test there...and took a blood test. I was really dizzy after having blood drawn, but now it went away. I don't really feel any symptoms. My cervix is low and hard. That's why I don't believe that ANY line indicates pg. Especially not when it's well after the alloted time.


Gia - October 29

This is crazy how many women this happens to. I took a test on 10-23, it was neg but after about an hour the it had a noticable pink line. I took 2 more and a faint line showed up 7 minutes past the time limit and 9 minutes past the time limit. I guess time will tell.


Ana - October 29

I know it's been a long time since this post has been active. But my positives turned out to be negative. I had 3 faint positives (all after the 10 minutes...but some so close to the ten minutes, it made me wonder...one was actually within the time frame!! Closer to the ten minutes though). That makes me mad at the hpt manufacturers. Why would that test strip react with anything other than hcg? Frustrated.


Gia - October 29

Ok I gotta agree with Ana on this one, I was always under the impression that something has to make that line react, i have used plain water just to see if an evap line shows up and it never did i have also mixed water with my urine and still no line but if i use just urine i ALWAYS get a line, usually its very faint but its there. Also if an evap line is a line coming from the drying of the test then how come all tests dont get one? Until July when i got my several positives, i never got a line not even an evap line. Mystery lol.


Sally - November 5

Ana, A faint positive line that comes before a late "period" finally shows up, can actually be a chemical pregnancy, meaning that a fertilized egg was miscarried very early in the pregnancy...just a thought.



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