7 Days Past Due No Period But Negative HPT S

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kristy - September 28

Hey everone I havent had a period this month and iv token 3 tests all said "Not Pregnant". And i was wondering has anyone taken a Equate test and got a "pregnant" sign.. What is a good test to get next time..


Michelle - October 3

I am 5 days late. I have been on Clomid for the past 3 months. I lost my firstborn son in November 2004 at one month old to SIDS and have been TTC since January. I took a hpt and it was negative. Could I still be, or what would be causing a delay. I have never been late. My son I was on depo shot and did not have a period then, but my cycles are always regular. any insight would be good


a - October 5

I took so many pregnancy test even went to the doctors atleast 5 times with stomach pains all tests even the ones at the doctors were negative.. i just found out i am 6 weeks prenant so yes you can still be pregnant and have negative results it is because your body is not producing hcg like it should but just wait it out and take another test in a couple of weeks thats what i did and now i know for sure


Rachel - October 7

I'm convinced I am. Then I think i'm crazy cuz maybe I'm just subconciously making myself miss my period? You know? My boyfriend and I want to get pregnant. We aren't 'trying' just letting things happen. I was ovulating when we did have intercourse awhile back of crouse we've been intimate since then :). He had just recently stopped smoking. (Increase the chance?) Well i've been extra moody lately, he's pointed it out and was the first to say "you're preggers' Well the thought crossed my mind cuz my periods are like clock-work. my lmp was 8/31/2005 and i still haven't had one. I'm not spotting nothing. I have the symptoms of being pregnant, my b___sts feel big not sore. Anyway i took an HPT and it was negative. So i figure, too early. I had a dr. appt. already for today. She did urine and it was Neg. also. She said give it another 2 weeks! So now i'm like...maybe i'm just mis-reading all the size. I want to be pregnant, scared yes (cuz be the first) but would welcome a little boy/girl ito our lives. So its a big roller coaster. I was hoping to get blood work. Maybe i should've insisted on it. I don't know. So I guess i'll wait to see if i'm late. I just don't like feeling that its all in my head type of thing! Anyway, thanks for leting me blab. I hope to be preggers!!


Rachel - October 7

Me again. i don't think i'm 'stressed. Because when 9/30 pa__sed by with no AF i was "hmm i'm preggers' but then didn't think anything of it til 10/2 when my Boyfriend was like "you're preggers" then I'm like...I havne't gotten my period and i should've! So i'm going to just let it go, and see what happens. Not try to 'think' tooo much either way cuz i'll go bonkers. Thanks for 'listening'


amanda - October 10

iam 15 weeks pregnant and white discharge is coming out of my v____a. What is this


Rebeca P - October 10

I am so thrilled to have come across this site. I have had extremely regular cycles for 16 years, and then BOOM, no period. I am now 7 days late, and I'm freaking out. My husband and I have been married over 5 years, but really aren't ready for a baby; however, now we find ourselves excited. I've done so much research online and I guess it's too early to tell. I have taken 3 hpt's, all negative. I have an appointment with my doctor in 4 days--if he tells me to wait a couple more weeks, I am going to scream!!!


heather - October 10

I am 25 y/o have 2 healthy children (2 y/o & 10 m/o) I have regular cycles that you could set your watch by, but I am not 7 days late. I too took the Clear Blue Easy digital tests and both said "Not Pregnant" and I did see 2 lines on the test srtip (one lighter than the other). However, I was able to find this out..."Women produce varying levels of hCG despite similar gestational ages. It is not always a given that the embryo implanted precisely at 14 days after the first day of the last menses. Fertilized ovums have been known to drift in the uterine environment for days before implanting. This would affect hCG levels and timing of positive tests."


Indmand - October 11

I usually have cycles that vary from 28-31 days with one exception in July when my cycle was 35 days, probably due to stress with the hurricane and such. Anyways, August was 30 and September was 28. So now I am CD 33 and 17 DPO. I took a test on 13 DPO -BFN, and then I woke up this morning at 3AM and took 2 tests, one Equate and one dip strip from the internet. Both were negative as negative gets. I am also charting my temps and I have been up in the 98's since 7 DPO. Just this morning I went down in the upper 97's for the first time but I am still way above my coverline of 97.42. I am really wondering about all this. Anyone else here charting their BBt?


amadea - October 19

My cycle is usually 28-29 days. I'm now about 4 days late and got a negative result on my HPT. I need some advice on what to do. I'm scared and confused because I really wish the results were positive. I've been having PMS symptoms for the past 2 weeks now. Extremely tender b___sts and my nipples, I can barely touch them. I've been getting PMS symptoms like I usually do but no period. Someone help me please!!


babycrayzee - October 20

I am in the same boat as you all are. I should have started my period on Oct. 11 or so, but nothing. Taken two tests and both negative. I haven't had any signs of my period starting (I usually have brown discharge beforehand). But as far as pregnancy symptoms, I have sore nipples (too tender to touch), swelling abdomen, slight cramping, slight nausea, some cravings, fatigue. My baby will be 2 in Dec. so I am really hoping to be pregnant again. My periods have been very regular since May--before that, they were very weird because I had just weaned my baby. I haven't taken any birth control since she was born, but started TTC in May. I got pregnant right away with her--I was using the pill and right after I went off it, I was pregnant. So I was a__suming I am a "fertile mertile" since it was so easy the first time. But I am still trying. I haven't had a late period since May, like I said, so I really think this could be it. I guess I'll keep waiting like some of you have. But I really hope my period doesn't come before a positive test...


jvall2030 - December 2

I am on my 37th day after my LMP. I have had sore b___sts for about 3 days, bloating, frequent trips to the bathroom and lite cramps today. All in all, I feel 90% pregnant!! BUT, I took a HPT and it came back negative. I am going to wait until Monday to take another test but has anyone felt any baby movements at 4 or 5 weeks pregnant?


swiggy - March 5

is anyone still using this ite as im trying to have a baby and just ont seem to be able to get i right! ive try and find out when imm ovulting etc but its not happening!!! are those ovulation kits any good and what about HPT which one is the most reliable as they do cost a packet!


treshai - March 25

I had a similar situation. I was a week late, but had absolutely no symptoms. The bf and I were a little panicked so I took a hpt, it was negative, so I went to the dr. wondering why I hadn't started yet. I had been s_xually active so she gave me a blood test even though I was "sure" I was not pregnant. I got the results later, my hormones were elevated, but not where they should have been for pregnancy according to when I had my last period. So she wanted to wait 4 days and redo the blood test. In those 4 days my hormones shot up from 11-78. I WAS pregnant. My dr. thinks that I must have ovulated late, because I am about 10 days behind where I should have been in this pregnancy according to when I had my last period, but everything seems to be progressing perfectly. My dr. told me that if you are 5 or more days late see a dr. even if you "know" you are not pregnant.


sammi89-2009 - May 30

hi, am 4 days late and i am never late took a digital test but it says am not pregnant, my b___bs are really sore in the morning help!!


HappyAsh - May 30

The digital tests are the weakest ones. You should try first response. Also some women don't get postives for a little while after period is due. Hope this helps! Also, make sure you test with first morning urine.



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