7 Days Past Due No Period But Negative HPT S

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HappyAsh - May 30

The digital tests are the weakest ones. You should try first response. Also some women don't get postives for a little while after period is due. Hope this helps! Also, make sure you test with first morning urine.


sammi89-2009 - May 30

wer do u get 1st response 1s from? so hope am pregnant! stil not come on my period so fingers crossed! Any1 else had this problem? x


Lisa555 - June 20

Hello, I hope people still use this site:) I have read about a thousand of these postings over the last week, and I feel like I'm going crazy. I had my period on May 18th 2009 and it was about two days shorter than normal. I would have ovulated around June 1 and I started having brown spotting around the same time, when I wiped, for about three days. I am currently almost a week late for my period, but two home pregnancy tests have been negative, and one at the doctor's office was also negative. They refused to do a blood test, and the doctor told me to wait for my period and if it doesn't come in another "week or two" then I could come back. Hmmmm. I am experiencing heartburn, headaches, cramps (for five days), and irritability. I am just wondering whether I could be pregnant? How long should I wait to take another home pregnancy test?


Lisa555 - June 22

Hello, I just wanted to quickly update. I got my period tonight. I am so disappointed and I didn't even think I would be. My husband and I weren't trying, but I fell in love with the idea even though it's not the right time. I have never been late like this before and it makes me wonder what will happen with my cycle now... Anyway, best of luck to everyone else.


chilibeana - January 11

3 days past period neg hpt????


mumleigh - July 7

im 7 days late done 2 preg tests both negative. but 10 weeks ago i gave birth to my 1st daughter. im bottle feeding and had my 1st period on time and normal...whats the chances of getting pregnant again so early!!



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