7 Days Past Due No Period But Negative HPT S

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melissa - June 19

well thank you so much for knowning i am not alone.i have been off the pill for 6 months and my husband and i are trying for a baby. i have usually had a 30 or so day cycle and i am now 7 days late, but took a test at 5 days late and came up negative. some cramping like iam going to start, but nothing, now what?


Amanda - June 20

This is my first month ttc. I am still about 2 days away from getting my period. I bought into the First Response scam of "testing 4 days before expected period" and got a negative. Those tests are expensive. Has anyone really had an early response with First Response, or is this just a marketing scam?


Naomi - June 20

The last time I wrote in I was 2 weeks late. still testing myself and still showing as Neg. I could not take it anymore and I went to the doctor ater 2 1/2 weeks as I was about to go to the back room my period came. I was so upset. My doctor told me It did not come because I was stress about not having my period on time.


jean - July 6

I am also late with a few symptoms and I also took 2 HPT (both first response) and they were both Negative, I felt like I was going to get my period yesterday but nothing...I am so confused, my LMP was June 6th?????????


Meg - July 6

Help! I'm 7 days late today. I took a pregnancy test last night and one this morning, both came up negative.. but I have no signs of my period coming. I'm worried. Has anyone had that before? When did you find out if you were pregnant or not?


josephine - July 10

Hi, I am seven days late also. Tested so many times I am almost embarra__sed to say how many. I have used every one under the sun, clearblue, ept, besure, dollar tree, fact plus and yet all negative. I have a 28 day cycle and never missed only with my two pregnancies. After reading all these posts I don't know what to think. I am going to make an appt tomorrow, but who knows maybe I am too early along for a blood test, too. Geez, my other pregnancies were not this frustrating, I feel for all of us. Thanks for reading.


Beth - July 10

I was four weeks late, then had a two day period a few days ago. It wasn't like normal, but it was definitely some sort of period. I have been ttc since about May. I know it hasn't been very long, but since it's my first, I think it's very frustrating. I went to a family reunion today, and all of my cousins have little ones, and two of them were pregnant. I was SO jealous! They are a few years older than I am though. I am 25, but I want to have a few kids, and want to be young enough to enjoy them. I don't want to be 35 and still having children. I just wish God would tell us when things are going to happen! :)


Cori - July 11

Well - here is my expert (somewhat) response to your dillema. I am a medical lab tech who deals with this all the time and just recently found out I am pregnant with #2. I felt pregnant about 3 days after I conceived and as of Friday (2 days ago) my urine test was negative, but we drew my blood and I have a HCG level of 12 (which is definately pregnant). My period is a week late and with a neg home test, but I know for a fact that I am pregnant! This is possible!


shell - July 11

i am in the same boat, my last real period was june 1st. i am always on time every month, but this month i was two days late and it was a day and a half but it was a brownish color. i took a test but it was neg... should i just wait for a week or so before i take another one. I am also tired and get hot all the time also some leg cramps..


Meg - July 11

Well, I'm now 11 days late with no period. Cori, when were you supposed to get your period? I made an appointment with my doctor for a blood test, but they can't see me until Friday. I took another test this past weekend, and again negative. I hope I'm in the same boat as you. Is it true that HPTs only detect 25 hcg in urine? Thanks for your imput!


millisson - July 11

i am 7-8 days late for my period. i have the sore b___sts, nausia, tired, bachaches, frequent urination, really unatractive veins popping out all over the place..lol.. i had a positive on a first response test a week before my period was due, but to be safe i tested more (i'm addicted) i got a couple of fading positives and a really light positive on a accu- clear test. but i also got alot of negatives. i've tried the cleqr blue digital and they were all not pregnant. so i don't know i think i'm gonna wait another week test agian this wekend and if still negatives i'll call and make a docter's appointment. this is enough to drive a person crazy lol


Meg - July 11

Still no period... I don't have an appointment with the doc until Friday. I've never been pregnant before, but I feel like I am... I just hope its not all in my head. It's 11 days today and I have taken several HPTs... all negative. Don't you think it would have shown positive now if I were pregnant?



Hi, The best thing to do is go get a blood test. I am currently 10 days late and I have all the symptoms. I went and got blood work done and its negative. The doctor said that it can be many factors causing me to be late and have symptoms, but to never trust urine tests and always get blood work done.


Meg - July 15

Well... I went to the doctor this morning. I got blood drawn and I should have the results Monday or Tuesday. I will keep you posted. Today I'm 15 days late for my period.


Christal - July 16

I don't know how much of an answer this will be.. I've had 7 pgs all different. I only have 4 children though. My last baby was wierd.. I went to the Dr about 4wks after a faint postive and a lot of bleeding, I was 6wks dpo. The dr said I was only 4wks pg, by blood levels and embryo size. I had a wonderful baby girl who was born at the correct time that the Dr said. Not what my hpt said. I have scratched my head at that many times it was wierd. Part of me thinks of animals that have delayed implantation.. I know humans don't do that. Just wierd. My current situation is. I started cycling every 18 May 2 through June 9th. I had 3 periods. Well I thought AF was coming on July 1st.. I had some spotting thinking AF was coming broke out the pads and all. I never got more than a wipe of pink on TP and some spotting for about 24 hrs. I have had ma__sive cramping feels like I'm already on my cycle, headaches that just won't stop, My b___st are sore, cervix has stayed very tightly closed, nauseated.. Took a hpt sometime before hurricane Dennis. Wanted to know before I did anything stupid during a hurricane. It was negative. I think my cycle was like 30 days at that point. It was negative, I'm now on day 37, still feel like yuck. Ya know what ladies.. I don't know if it is any better being a experinced mom because I'm really baffled. I decided if cycle doesn't come by Aug 1st I will test again. I would so love to go out and buy a ton of hpt and get the answer. But I have discovered that no matter how many times you test or when you test. Nothing will change the out come. If you are planning a pg and being healthy you are ok. If your pg in 9 months you should have a baby, if your not AF will eventually catch up you will be mad but thankfull you didn't spend $100.00 on hpt's. Even if you are pg, saving that $100.00 on hpt's for cool baby stuff is always great. I don't know what I'm going to do. But when I figure out what has happened I will post it. Christal


Christal - July 16

Oh yeah I wanted to add my cycle is normally every 23-26 days



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