7 Weeks Late Still Negative Hpt S

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Melanie - March 22

Wow....considering what your mom went through with your sister, history could be repeating itself. Not typical, but all kinds of crazy things happen. Hard to understand how the hormones don't show up, but apparently that happens relatively often. I guess you've just got another week to wait for the ultrasound. I can only imagine how nuts all these weeks of not knowing what's going on has made you. I'd be a little concerned that the sickness has lasted this long. That's no fun at all.......How do you feel about it if you are pregnant? Probably hard to really even get excited, being in limbo and all.... Soon you'll know what's going on! I'll be thinking of you.


To Mandy - March 22

Just checking up on you... I am 10 weeks late and had a faint positive on an HPT then all negatives. On the bright side, a friend of mine was also late. ( 18 weeks late) She had all negative HPT's too but she just knew something wasn't right. Doc FINALLY gave her an u/s and found a big baby. She was 20 weeks PG. She is due in June.So miracles can happen.


Mandy - March 23

Yeah it’s crazy how things happen this way. I don’t understand how a person can be so late, and still receive all negatives. I’m over 12 weeks late now. I sort of had a period last week, but it definitely wasn’t normal. It only lasted for 3 days, and was nothing like my normal period, my normal periods last about 7 or 8 days, so I don’t know. I still have symptoms, and now my b___sts hurt. They never did before, but now they do. My stomach is also definitely growing and it’s hard, but according to my family doctor and every pregnancy test that I’ve taken, I’m not pregnant. It’s very confusing. Thank god I only have a week to go before I get the ultrasound done because I am anxious to find out what’s going on. If I’m not pregnant, then something is definitely wrong. It’s undeniable that something is going on, whether it be pregnancy or something else. I would love to be pregnant because I love kids and I’ve always wanted to have a baby on day, but if I’m not I’m not going to be too disappointed because it just means that it wasn’t meant to be at this time.


Baby dust - March 24

baby dust


Alexa - March 25

I can't wait to hear what happens at your u/s on the 29th. I'm two weeks late and two negative HPTs. It's so frustrating not knowing! It makes it so hard not to obsess when you should be focussing on other things. Good luck! Please keep us posted!


Angelina - March 28

Mandy and Meg a friend of mine named Tody is going through the same situation and is asking the same questions the bothe of yall are.I say don't give up hope and don't stress yourself out about it .Take it from someone who has been there I was 3 months late took pregnancy test at hospital,health department and 3 home pregnancy test all negative and proudly can say after paying a $125.00 to my regular doctor for a blood test I am now 22 weeks pregnant (crossing my fingers and praying to God with a BOY) So good luck....


Keema - March 28

Ladies I have not had a normal AF since October.Normal is 6 days . I have light pink spotting for 2 days every month when AF is supposed to come. I have had 8 negative HPT's, two super faint positives and one negative at the docs. He would not give me a blood test because Mr. Know it All says that if I was PG it would show up on the pee stick.Even though I told his about the faint positives. SOOO I have to miss a day of work and go somewhere else for enternal exam and blood test on April 1st. Anyway , I have all the symptoms, sore b___bs, nausea, mood swings , lots of trip to the washroom, gas, constipation, cramping my areolas are even getting darker.. Blah, blah blah. Mandy and Meg, I feel your pain, please keep us updated on your situation.!! *** BABY DUST***


Kara - March 28

I am now 9 days late on my period and so far 4 pregnancy tests have come back negative. I am having symptoms of pregnancy, such as nausea and breat soreness...but nothing to back it up. Has anyone found out what is causing their problems and late periods?


Mandy - March 28

To Kara and everyone else. All I can say is hang in there. I know it's frustrating because I've been going through it for over 13 weeks now. I finally get to have the trans-v____al ultrasound done tomorrow so hopefully all my questions will finally be answered. I'll keep you posted as to what I find out. Best of luck to everyone.


To Mandy - March 29

Hi Mandy,I'm Karen and I'm new to these boards. I have been following your story here for a few days and I wanted to say good luck today with you u/s. Anyway I wanted to ask you when did you finally start to get the b___st tenderness. I have a feeling I'm pregnant, very tired sleeping poorly and dizzy but no b___st tenderness. I would only be 4 weeks DPO. I have a 2 year old and I had totally different symptoms. All my hpt's came back neg too. Thanks for your input and good luck today!


Mandy - March 29

Well, to say the least, today was a big waste of my time and you have no idea how mad I am. When I went to see my family doctor back in February, after her pregnancy test came back negative, she referred me to have a trans-v____al ultrasound done, and that was supposed to be done today. My appointment was at 8:15 this morning, and I get there, and they have no idea why I’m there. I mean I was in their computer, but it didn’t say what I was supposed to be having done. So I see the doctor that I was scheduled to see, and she informs me that my family doctor never sent over my medical records and such. The doctor that I saw today only did a pap smear, when I my whole reason for going today was to have the trans-v____al ultrasound done. So after I informed this doctor why I was there, when that should have already been taken care of by my family doctor considering the fact that she referred me to this new doctor in the first place. My new doctor told me that she wanted to do the trans-v____al ultrasound done, but that wont get done until the 13th. I am so mad and fed up with doctors right now. I’ve been awaiting answers for over 13 weeks now, and now I have to wait another two weeks to have the ultrasound done. I think that it’s ridiculous that you can’t be taken seriously by your own doctor, and the fact that you’re doctor is being really careless, and neglectful, it’s really scary when your concerns about your own body go unanswered as if I were making it up or something. It’s unbelievable to me, it really is.


Mary - March 29

Mandy, have you tried going to a Planned Parenthood clinic? I think they are a lot more responsive and caring to your needs.


Mandy - March 29

Mary- Yes, I went there a month ago, and got the same run around. They did a urine pregnancy test, and it came out negative, and that was the end of that. So I don't know anymore.


Melanie - March 29

Jeez, Mandy......I can't believe this! Another 2 weeks! Crazy, just crazy. It would be nice for you to get some answers, either way it goes.....the waiting is just a killer. There's got to be another doctor somewhere these that will be better for you....you'll need one you can work with whether you are pregnant or not. It's just no good to be unable to talk to your doc. You'll be in my thoughts and I look forward to hearing about what happens. It will be sooo good to hear when you finally get this sorted out!


Karen - March 29

Oh Mandy that is just c___p! I can't believe the run-around you are getting. Hopefully you will get this all sorted out ASAP!


To Mandy - From Karen (Canada) - March 29

I definitely feel your pain Mandy! A suggestion would be to call the office and ask if you could be put on a cancellation list. My sister and I ahave done this all the time and usually we can get in the next day. Good luck and keep us posted.



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