7 Weeks Late Still Negative Hpt S

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To Mandy - From Karen (Canada) - March 29

I definitely feel your pain Mandy! A suggestion would be to call the office and ask if you could be put on a cancellation list. My sister and I ahave done this all the time and usually we can get in the next day. Good luck and keep us posted.


Mandy - March 30

To Karen, I thought about doing that, but the thing is, after I went to my new OBGYN today, she told me that she wanted me to come back in 2-3 weeks, and she wrote it on the paper that I had to give to the front desk to schedule the appointment. She doesn’t want to see me for another 2 weeks, so I doubt it will do any good to be asked to put on the cancellation list. I wont have the ultrasound done until the 13th, and I guess one of the tech’s are going to do the ultrasound, and then I see the doctor right after the ultrasound is done. I’ve been playing this waiting game for over 13 weeks now, and the main reason that I went to this new OBGYN today was because back in February my family doctor referred me to have it done, and it was supposed to be done today, and it wasn’t. My family doctor never faxed over the papers that she was supposed to fax, so they had no idea what was scheduled to be done today. Like I said, the only thing she did today was a pelvic exam, and a pap smear. Throughout this whole situation, I’ve seen 3 different doctors, and I still have no answers as to what is going on and it’s really frustrating. I still have symptoms, so I know that I’m not going crazy and I know my own body, and it’s definitely telling me that I’m pregnant. I b___sts have grown bigger and they are tender, I still have nausea that comes and goes, I have headaches from time to time, and I have never had headaches before in my life. I have lower back pain, my stomach is hard, and it never was before, and I have definitely put on weight considering the fact that I broke the b___ton on a pair of my jeans the other day, and people are beginning to notice that I have gotten bigger. I’ve tried everything, and done everything that I could possibly do, and still I continue to get this run-around as if nothing is wrong, and it really frustrating.


Rossy - March 30

Hello ladies, Same here, my last period was Feb 22nd, so I'm 8 days late, I know you may say a bit early but we have tried to conceive for nearly one and a half years now..my pee test came back negative after 5 days late. I havea an app. today with the doctor but initially this app. was set up because I couldn't get pregnant...so I have to wait to speak to him tomorrow. I never missed my period before, I've felt a bit nauseous, just a bit and my b___st are tender, belly is bloated like when I'm going to get my period. Wish me luck!. By the way I am in the UK, and because of the way the health systems works, I can't choose my own doctor or ask for tests..


To Mandy - March 30

I am in the EXACT same situation as you are. Exactly the same. I would be ummm 13-14 weeks by now. I cannot get any answeres from anyone. My dr.s all think I am crazy and refuse to believe that I am pg. I even have b___st soreness along w/ fatigue, no period, headaches, slight consitpation, frequent urination, and the list goes on. I would really like to hear more about you and your situations so please, please, please keep me updated.


SugarPie - March 30

Wow. Same boat I'm in. Mandy and To Mandy... all I can do is shake my head and clench my fists right along with y'all. I'm really close to giving up. The only thing that is tripping me out right now is fear that something could be wrong. I have a question for both of you... are you guys feeling like you're running out of air? In particular, when I'm in bed and trying to get to sleep I almost have to sleep upright, because the breathing seems so laborious. I mean it's as if my stomach is pushing backwards towards my face. and to even sleep on my side.. particularly my right side.. I can barely get a breath. I'm so freaked out. It's as if I have asthma!!! I haven't the faintest clue what's going on.. and my stomach is getting hard as well as quite large, but I have a high set uterus, so it's particularly hard and protruding above my belly b___ton. I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired. Please keep in touch. Much love***


Candice - March 30

Hi Ladies, I have just read up on all your situations. I went to the ER and they did urine test and it came back neg. I have a few signs, but no enough. I am never late....This past month with taking my birth control I got sick and vomited up a pill. I am not sure if that would have a reason to why I am late. The male nurse at the hospital didn't give much care to me. I am from a small town where teen pregnancy is very comon...I am young looking so I just a__sume I was stereotyped and just thought I was teen that wasen't been careful...Or so I felt, maybe I was wrong quite possibly. All you ladies give me light and help Thank You. Good Luck to All


Mandy - March 30

To SugarPie- To answer your question, yes it feels as if I can barely breath. I too have a high uterus and my stomach is hard and protruding above my belly b___ton . To me it seems like everything above my belly b___ton is being compressed and pushed upwards towards my chest. My lower abdomen is fine, it’s not hard or anything, but since I have a high uterus, right above my belly b___ton is hard and I look very pregnant. You know the feeling you get when you get really full after a mean? I have that feeling 24/7, which makes it hard to breath sometimes. It’s weird because I don’t even know how to explain it well enough for anyone to understand. I also have indigestion and heartburn, and I have never had that problem before. At this point, there is nothing else that I can do. Doctors keep brushing me off like nothing is wrong. Have you heard of the hook effect? I think that’s what happened to me. It’s when the levels of hCG are so high, that they go undetected on home pregnancy tests. But like I said, there is nothing I can do at this point, I just have to patiently wait until the 13th. I wish you the best of luck though.


SugarPie - March 31

Mandy: I don't know what to even say. I'm absolutely in shock. I researched for hours about the hook effect and dear g-d.. I'm amazed (for a variety of reasons I won't elaborate on). What you said has completely touched home. In reading your description of breathing I could only nod in total agreement. It really feels like a weight pressing on your lungs. I literally feel like all of my weight is crunched in between my belly b___ton and throat. Night time is truly the worst. And as for the heartburn/indigestion. I didn't even mention it in my last post, so to read what you wrote was soothing in the sense that someone else is feeling what I'm going through. Eating in general is causing me to have heartburn/indigestion. It is horrid. And it is all day long. Particularly stronger in the mornings and the evenings. I understand the exasperation. I have another appointment in a couple of weeks and I'm at the same position as you are. I do hope you keep in touch and wish you much love in the process.***


Karen - March 31

I completely relate to you ladies! The last few days I find myself gasping for air. Another problem I have however is an extreme pain under the right side of my ribs where I actually can move a hard lump in and out. However, I had the problem before and the doctors took 22 weeks before they realized that there was a baby inside me! I even had a colonoscopy done (including x-rays and camera inside me) when I was 16 weeks and nobody could see a baby. I had heavy periods then though. Now I have missed my periods for three months (the two previous were really light) and all the urine and blood tests come out negative. I went and saw another doctor (female) who suggested that I needed to get an ultrasound. So that is what I am doing tomorrow. So wish me luck on that. I had a friend tell me yesterday that on her friend's second pregnancy, she thought she had cancer because of a growing lump on her side, all tests were negative. Finally an ultrasound showed she was 5 months pregnant. These things seem to happen more than doctors admit. I'll let you all know tomorrow what the ultrasound shows up. Good luck to you all. By the way, Gaviscon works really well for heartburn and is safe to use during pregnancy.


Rebecca - March 31

Hi Ladies! I have been reading your site for a couple of days now, and I was wondering if anyone had any input on my situation. I have been taking the pill for about two months now, although not at exactly the same time every day. Sometimes I take it hours later than I am supposed to. I am never late on my period and never have had period cramps in my life. Lucky I know! However, for the past three weeks I have had period like cramps, stomach aches and nausea after eating, headaches(and I never get those), my b___sts are larger and sore(but I know that's an effect of birth control), I feel like mt stomach is bigger though my boyfriend swears he doesn't think it is(I think he's just trying to stay out of trouble!), I feel like I have been smelling things more than usual(could be in my head), and I did have a lighter than normal and shorter than normal period this month, but it came a whole week early(which never happens)...so, I took 3 pregnancy tests and all came back negative. I am not convinced however after reading about so many women who have gone through the same things...I still do not know and I am making an appointment soon, until I know for sure I have stopped smoking and drinking, and have been getting more rest (Im also always tired)...Sound familiar?


Karen - April 1

Well, I went for my ultrasound today and they didn't find anything! I was very shocked. They said that the pain under my ribs and 'movement' was from my bowels. Go figure. I still not convinced, but I'll have to accept it this time. Good luck to you all.


Heidi - April 2

Hey every1- So i cant sleep which is how its been for the past 3 months!!! im readin through all of ur stories and wow im in the exact same boat!! I havent had a period since december 28th.....have taken probably over 12 HPT all neg...but i have all the signs in the world of being pregnant...i never miss my period and i mean never ever since i was 12 :) my nipples have never been sensitive but if u touch them I ALMOST GET OFF LOL....they are bigger and fuller and a lot heavier i have all these little bumps round my nipples...i got sick in the beginning just felt like everytime i ate i had to throw up but didnt...tons of headaches omg they suck....my abdomen is gettin really hard and pushing out above my belly b___ton and round it....tons of clear discharge and ihave to pee like crazy all the time!!!!!! i havent been to the doc yet because i kno they are going to tell me im crazy even though i believe im not..ive had so many women tell me that HPT are stupid and most of the time are wrong...actually i havent met one woman who has kids actually tell me they got a positive result with a HPT i think those docs are lieing b___theads if u ask me!!!! who dont kno anythin!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but mandy keep me updated to tell me how things gooo im really interested!! GL


Nikki - April 2

Wow Mandy, You're story is practically the same as mine. I am seven weeks late also and have taken all kinds of tests all saying negative. It is very frustrating. Well don't feel like you are alone, I don't know what to do either.


em - April 2

I am in the same boat. I am over two weeks late, sometimes I feel sick in the morning, headaches, eating more than usual and feel dizzy sometimes. And I also have taken 3 different tests that have come out negative. I have never been late before and i feel like i am going to start but then don't. I think i will make an appt with the doctor just in case and hopefully can take a blood test to find out yes or no. So you are not alone.


Mandy - April 2

Heidi, I know what you mean about hpt's. I refuse to buy another one. If I feel like wasting my money, I will waste it on something else. Even though you got negatives on your hpt's, I would still suggest that you make an appointment with a doctor. If you're lucky, you wont get the same run-around that I got. Going to the doctor can hopefully give you some answers, and hopefully ease your mind. Good luck.


LOLA - April 3




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