7 Weeks Late Still Negative Hpt S

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egrimm1421 - August 12

wunnabeamommy here is what i would recommend doing go to your doctor. not having a period for that long is not healthy unless you are taking a form of birth control that stops your period like depo. from what it sounds like you may not be ovulating especially if its been over a year. yes you can still get pregnant if you have not had a period in that long if you ovulated and conceived one of those months since you have been trying. but i would reccommend you visit your doctor to make sure your body is functioning right because of not getting a period for over a year. baby dust and good luck.


WunnaBeAMommy - August 14

egrimm1421 well i did go to the doctor they said my body is runny fine they just want me to go to the gyn to see why havent i got my period and my medicate aint working so now i have 2 wait :( but i dont want to wait any longer i really want one and i dont wunna be those types that cant have one thats whats scarying me the most ... my body is fine idk bout my period tho i first qot it when i was 13 regularly then stopped at like 15 if i aint mistaking then i got it aqain at 18 then stopped i took pills for 4 months stop taking it then my period came down then i went back on the pills got spotting age 19 stop taking the pills it never came back down :/ im confused once aqain


eunique26 - August 15

Ok so I am now 25 days late for my period. Still BFN's on all urine tests. I was lucky to get a appointment for a v____al ultrasound this coming Thursday. YAY im so excited. My b___bs are sore everyday..and i even squeezed some colostrum out of them the other night. My DR believes that I am pregnant. Hopefully the ultrasound confirms. I also start prenatal on FRI..depending on the results of the ultrasound..Please pray for me..and BaBy Dust 2 all


kams81 - August 17

Hi there, I am now 8 weeks late on my period I have had nothing but neg hpt's and blood test, had an ultrasound 6 weeks ago they said nothing there, I often feel little muscle spasms in my bum area the last time i felt that was 14 years ago with my oldest daughter. my tender b___sts come and go , I have ma__sive headaches and heart burn and back ache, Now things are a bit different for me as I had my tubes tied back in 2003,just to find out in july of 2009 that i was pregnant and then misscarried 3 days later, they put dye into my uterus and my right tube was completely open, I was shocked, then in aug of 2010 i misscarried again. I wwould like another baby but i dont think i can handle another lose and with being 2 months late and the dr thinking im crazy i just dont know what to do.


egrimm1421 - August 17

just an update for everyone. I had the ultrasound this morning they found a baby; however I miscarried at 10 weeks and my body never got rid of the fetus. They are going to try me on medication to see if my body will naturally expel it if not then i have to have a d & c done. good luck to everyone ttc. baby dust to all.


Taneia - August 17

so to update everyone i ended up not being pregnant from lookin at the ultrasounds and tlkin to the gyno which is a bummer :( but the good thing is im still trying and im hoping next month is the charm i wish every the best of luck and baby dust to all....i will make sure i try and update you all in a bout 2 or 3 weeks if i am pregnant this time around


Confused26 - August 20

Hi all, I'm 8 weeks late and haven't missed a period for over 3 years.. I have an underactive thyroid, but had bloods done back in June and they came back normal for my thyroid.. My husband and me both went to the Dr's on Wednesday as we've been trying for 4+ years now and with just an ectopic pregnancy back in 2007.. I told my Dr I'm 8 weeks late and she said its more than likely it could be the medication (Quetiapine)dose being up'd in the last 3 months..It does have a side effect to put your body into a state of pregnancy as such due to high levels of prolactin, which can cause no period and lactating b___sts..they couldn't do blood test of friday as they couldn't find my vains.. but did do a urine sample and get those results on tuesday, but i have done a hpt and it was negative.. so who knows!


[email protected] - September 2

Hi everyone I just wanted to give u all an update on my situation. I have been spotting for the last two months and I missed my period completely in the month of august. I did not take anymore pregnancy testes just yet because I dont feel like wasting my money just to be disappointed. So I filed for medical insurance with the state and I am hoping that I get approved because my fianace and I would really like to know already. So please cross your fingers for me. Well since im on here has anyone ever had this moments where you are laying down and you place your hand undermeath your stomach. Then after a few seconds you feel this heart beat, nut if u move your hand even just for a minute and try to place it back on the same area but now ther is no heart beat because it is on the other side of your stomach. Now at first I thought that it was my own, but I was told by someone that "u can not feel your heart neat that far down." then someone else said that the heart u feel down there is the babys heart beat. So I took that into consideration, but I am still waiting for at least one test to tell that everyone is right and that I am going to be a mom. Thank u for all of your comments I really appreciate it.


Stephanie_R - September 8

Hi guys, im new to this. tomorrow i will be 7 weeks late and last time i took a hpt was 2 wks ago which came out neg. TO: francinepaio i've felt a heart beat under my stomach too! but i never told anyone so i never heard that its impossible to be your own. so thats kind of interesting. I was suppose to start my period July 22.2011. they are not regular but i never had it missed this long!! so idk what to think. can anyone help?


mummaof2 - October 17

hello ladies i am a mother of two and i am 23 years old... now.. hope this helps you guys. My sons pregancy i found out at 2 and half weeks - the test come up positive straight away. Where as my daughter i was nearly three months along and she still was coming up negative on pregnancy tests. The only reason i found out was because i went and had a blood test. i had 2 periods then was late for the 3rd and was like o maybe im to early for it to show yet. when the blood test came back it showed my hormone levels were at early stages of pregnancy between 2 - 4 weeks and then when i went in for my ultrasound the next day it showed i was 12 weeks.. the doc and i were shocked i was so far along. he said that maybe my baby was deformed as deformed babies or babies that you will most likely misscarry will show little hormone change in your body. I was worried for my baby as i miscarried at 10 weeks and then fell with my daughter 4 weeks after i miscarried. But today she is a smart vibrant little girl and completely healthy. So it does happen... Now the twist to it is i am having all the same symptoms, no period or very light, sore b___sts, nausea, fatigue, head aches but negative tests,, well i dont believe they are completely accurate after my daughter... So off to get a blood test lol.. Good luck everyone hope it works out for you all.


tanoshii - November 13

Hello Ladies.... I recently joined loads of you on the same boat...lol I'm 55 days late. Am on fertility treatment - clomid - first cycle. The last time (2 years ago) that gave me a positive, but it turned out to be a missed abortion at around 55 days..(That scares me bad!!!) I have intermittent pain at the tip of my b___sts from time to time. Severe acidity all of a sudden, constipation, light headedness at times, fatigue..8 to 9 hours of sleep does not seem enough, my tummy bloats up all of a sudden and gets normal after I take an antacid. All my home pregnancy tests until a few hours back have come out negative. I am waiting for the lab test to come back and meet the doctor in 4 days. But from what I've read above, I guess I should request for a blood test and an ultra sound scan right away...god all the waiting is just driving me crazy. I'd been having intermittent bleeding too - once around my ovulation date. While my follicular study said just one follicle was 9.5mm on my 16th day, I started spotting on the 18th onwards for a couple of days. Then spotted a little more close to and around the date my next cycle was due. Then 15 days later, right after my doc appointment to get a lab test done, I started having this pinkish discharge almost for 4 days. Gradually increased enough to use a pad for a day (but definitely not a period, was very very light and not red at all like it usually is - sorry about all the detailed info). And finally last morning it just ended with a brownish discharge. Most of these days it was not as much for me to use extra protection. Always found it while wiping or cleaning myself. Fortunately there was none today. But the wait, again like I said, is driving me to think wild stuff. It keeps coming back to the last experience. My doctor does understand my concern and has always helped me with these issues. I am hoping he understands my anxiety and gets me the scan. I really must say reading all these posts has given me loads of hope and most of all courage to face the situation better. Thanks for all the support in a way I know most women here with the same problem would understand. I was just breaking down at every given chance and poor hubby (must say) has learned to deal with me real good. And he's been really really supportive. Praying things work out this time..


jeanl - November 17

So, this is my first time posting to a forum. I'm hoping for some rea__surance that I'm not looney! My last normal period was 9/22. My period is ALWAYS on time. In October, I spotted for two days...but it was very light. Since then I have taken 3 pregnancy tests, all negative, and I've been having the following symptoms: - bloating (uncomfortable), especially after I eat....and it is noticeable in my lower abdomen as well as my belly. - Nausea ....I've thrown up very few times, all in the afternoons. But I feel as IF I could throw up at least once during the day. - Acne...I never get acne, unless I'm on my period! Now, its on my face, back, and chest! - Cramping....just like I'd have during my period. Sometimes it "twinges" in my lower abdomen. Never had that before. - Discharge....usually it "stops" about 1 week after ovulation. Now, it is watery and slippery. It happens so much, it feels like my period has started! - Fatigue....I teach, and usually can make it through the day no problem. Now, I'm finding myself having to take a nap almost everyday after work! - Breast tenderness....they are very sensitive to the touch and sometimes feels a sharp pain in the sides of them. - Emotional....boy am I emotional! I have become soooo mean soooo quickly lately! - Hot flashes....I am normally always cold. Here lately, I have been feeling "feverish" at night and I get so hot I have to take layers off!! I went to the doctor today for a blood pregnancy test. My doctor dismissed me completely! She said that she wanted to "test me for a thyroid problem" and if that wasn't the problem, then she thought my body was just reacting to going off of birth control (which I went off close to 6mths ago.) I know my body better than anyone else, so do you! I just "feel" pregnant....I've never felt like this before. Even though I won't find out my test results until tomorrow, she prescribed Aygestin which would onset my period....and if I was pregnant would cause a miscarriage!! I cannot believe she would want to me even consider taking this when NOT knowing the results of the bpt. My mom was 3 mths pregnant with negative hpts and bpts! Does anyone know if this can be "hereditary"? If you have been in this situation or have any advice, please let me know! I promise to update as soon as I find out results.


paris25 - December 3

hello everyone, i'm new and i read some of y'all stories and myself wondering if i'm pregnant but i'm taking Sprintec birth control pills been on it for 2 yrs but do not take it on the same time and did missed a few i missed 3 pills on the first of Sept then my period came on Sept 11-23( i know it was because i missed my pills) then on Sept 25 have a light pink mucus only once when i wipe ( i look on the internet that was my fertile day) Oct period was very very weird period it was a very light pink flow that did not fill up my pad ( i never have a light period ever ) that only last 3.5 days Nov period was another very very weird too i suppose to get my period on Nov 10 but it did not show up on Nov 12 i have some brown discharge that night only when i went to the bathroom and then couple hours later have some light red blood only when i wipe it never turn into a flow just some spot on the pad never fill up the whole pads and this one last Nov 13 i do have some signs: not feeling hungry so i never full but i went to the doctor yesterday and i gain back 2 lbs after seeing them about 2 weeks ago, i'm very moody, i'm vomiting a lot , i have a linea nigra ( i never have that before), i been tired a lot i been going to bed very early and when i wake up i did not know i fall asleep, i feel hot a lot at night also 2 weeks ago and yesterday at the doctor office my temp is still in the 99.2 (2 weeks ago) 99.5 yesterday, my nipples be hard and i'm not cold I did take 2 pregnancy test that i got online and it show a greyish line on both the time frame i do have low Thyroid so im taking med for it but i been having a thyroid problem about 5-7 yrs and never have a light or skip periods when taking birth control pills/patch also i found out my pota__sium is low so im taking med for that it sorry this is long but im just confused if im am pregnant i be about 10 weeks but the tests is not light pink just greyish color i never been pregnant


beccaell - December 5

hi there am just over 7 weeks late for my period i have the same symptoms as my first pregnancy but all my test are coming back negative i must have done over 40 by now at first i thought it was just 2 early buts nearly 2 months since my period and iv'e never missed 1 since my daughter was born and she is 10 months old now am very confussed because when i took the test with my daughter the test line was darker than the control line and now nothing pleae help xx


chissy77 - December 14

As I was reading everyone`s post I immediatly had to join in ! I have not had a period since october 31. I have also done about 40 HPT, about 5 of them had a ver faint positive. My b___st are sore, I am tired ALL day long(not normal for me) I have had bad headaches,and LOTS of gas. I am very irritable and most of all, I have a pooch in my lower tummy that I cannot suck in ! I know I woudnt be shwing yet, but I have 2 children living and I have been pregnant 4 times. Every time I have been pregnant that was my tell tale sign (my belly). I went to the doctor yesterday and had a urinalysis (negative) and the doctor just made me feel as if I was wasting her time. They took a blood test and called me this morning with a negative result and said they were going to put me on meds to start a period. I asked the nurse if there was ANY way at all I might be pregnant and it is just not showing up ?? She said " I dont know" not quite what I wanted to hear, Even if I am not pregnant, I really just need to know what is going on ! I wanted to say thank you to Mandy for sharing her story, Because of her I will be calling another doc to get a v____al ultra sound because something in my heart body and soul is telling me that I am in fact pregnant.Any one else had this happen and it not be pregnancy ?


Stephanie_R - December 14

Hello, last time i posted a comment was about 3 months ago, i've always has irregular cycles,and i was late on my cycle for 3 months, i thought i was pregnant, with several negative hpt, i knew something was not right so i made an appt with my doctor, and my doctor sent me to an ob/gyn and thats how i discovered i was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, its made me feel really sad knowing that i might not have children any time soon, i was put on birth control pills to regulate my cycles, we'll see what happens in 4-6 months, hopefully everything goes well with everyone.



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