8wks And Still Neg Hpt

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believe it ot not - March 20

h__lo, i have all the signs of prg and i had 2 hpt which came out neg and i believe it. on feb & mar im sure i had implantation bleeding becoz my cycle only lasted 2days i had spotting and brown/whitish discharge. now i have more prg signs and my stomach is getting hard and its starting to bulge so i took another hpt and again it was neg, i counting that i should now be 8wks along but still neg hpt?. becoz of work i have no time at all to see the doctors. is there anyone out there in the same situation as i?


believe it or not.. - March 20

sorry, me again. im sure being 8wks along and having neg hpt should mean im not pregnant right?


Amy - March 20

I wouldnt say it means your not.....I tested for 3 months and didnt get a pos on a blood test until i was almost in my 4th mth....I didnt ever get a pos urine test....so there is hope...baby dust


Babe - March 31

Hi Amy and believe it or not- I have had 3 faint line positive hpt's and 3 neg hpt's, neg blood and neg. urine at docs but I am gaining weight and all signs are there including the fact that my tummy sticks way out, I am very slim and that's the only thing sticking out except my b___sts are getting larger and boy do they hurt! Every doc that I have seen won't do a ultrasound without a pos urine or blood,my instinct is that I am pregnant, am 17 weeks. I am actually going to another doc the middle of next month hopefully by 5 months they'll find the baby. I think that we know more than these docs know sometimes.


Maloy - April 1

AMY - So it took you that long to get a pos. blood test right? I am guessing a quat_tative test. I would be 4 months right about now and I have all the cla__sic symptoms, b___st soreness, slightly firm tummy, slight nausia, constipation, headaches, recently like within the past two weeks I have been tired all the time. I feel like I could fall asleep at my desk at work. So here is my question to you. When you finally did get that pos test what symptoms were you having by then?



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