911 Evap Line Tubal Hormones Or What

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lastone - May 22

My last period was on April 23rd, I started aprox. 11 pm. I have a very regular cycle, always 28 days and starts during late night. I haven’t had any changes in my life, diet, or anything. On cd 20 and 21 I had brownish, slimmy discharge (sorry if TMI), there wasn’t much only noticed it twice each day, when I used the restroom. I suspected this was possibly implantation bleeding. Although it was too early, the next day I took a pregnancy test, and of course it was negative. I thought it might work since the box said I could use it 6 days before missed period. All week I have felt nauseas, which I usually do before my period comes. I also feel ill when smoking, which only happens when I am pregnant. On cd 27 I took a test again, it appeared negative, but I looked at it a few hours later and it had a faint line. I understand this could have been an evap line. Still curious On cd 28 I took 3 more real cheap dollar tree test, initially all were negative, but if I waited several hours they once again would have faint lines. I figured AF would show up, I stayed up waiting for her my stomach was cramping, at the same time I was feel nauseas and actually got sick. However, no AF. Now I am one day late. I took another test using morning urine and following the exact instructions. A very faint like appeared immediately. The line looks the same as the other test. I have a daughter, and when I took a test with her it tested negative, but my br___t were leaking milk. I thought I had br___t cancer, went to the doctor and was actually pregnant, but very early, too early to really leak milk. However, this morning I also notice my br___t leaking some milk. They are also very sore. Additionally, for the past three days I can hardly stay awake. I am so confused. I don’t know if this is a positive test or immediate evap line, or if my cycle is messed up, or if my hormones are messed up. The mystery is driving me insane. Can someone please help me if they know the answer, or this has happened to them. Thanks very much.


lastone - May 25

I wanted to update for furture people who may look at this site or seek the same answer, because of the same situtation. I should have started 4 days ago now. I went to the hosiptal today. I had a ct scan preformed. It revealed a cyst on my ovary. I was told the cyst was holding my hormones preventing AF.



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