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prettyirishgurl - April 30

my period was due april 20 and im 9days late today..no sign of any blood at all..nipples are sore and im feeling hungry alot and i sleep so good..other than that ive been ok.the doc told me stop taking store urine test and wait till may 5 to take a urine test..they wont give me a blood test till im 2 weeks late on my period.. i have never been late and im going thru the same thing i did with my daugther and she is nine now!! im gonna be 38 in november and my period is pretty regular what do u guys think? too early to test


skinnyminny - May 1

mine was due around april 20th too (my bday) and it's no where to be found. Ive heard from others on here that it would be good to test now because at 9,10 days late the hormones should be there. I'm going to get my fiance to pick one up for me, but I'm at school now so he'll have to bring it when he visits in 2 days. Maybe I'll get my period by then. But i really have no signs of getting it.


prettyirishgurl - May 1

9 and 10 days late can be enough of the hormone in some people.. but me no!- I have no signs of my period at all and me and my husband used no protection at all in the month of april! i just came from the doctor and she said my test was negative today..so come back in two weeks if no period! some people show on test like a snap some people dont...anyway i went thru the same thing with my daughter 9 yrs ago and u know what i was pregnant after 3 negative test and i was 4 months along...and didnt even know it.Bit i have all the symptoms of pregnancy and why would i not get my period all the sudden after trying to conceive.. All my cycles have been fine and normal. So the doc told me there can be a chance i am pregnant just give it 2 more weeks and test again...


Ta - May 1

I took a hpt 1 day before my period was due and it was def. positive, however the next day at the doc I had a neg urine test but a positive blood test. But I dont understand if you are 9 days late that you are not showing on a test, I dont know that much about it tho. Good luck!


prettyirishgurl - May 2

because alot of women show just like that right away..people like me dont show sometimes till a couple of months...anyway i have to wait to more weeks if my af doesnt come then i take another urine test! if its negative then i take a blood test so we will se if af comes



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