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Lala - January 23

what's the earliest you think you've ovulated in your cycle? I'm asking because I think I may have ovulated on CD 5 (the first day after af ended). I usually have long (5+week) cycles with ovulation on CD 20. Sometimes I think we women have 2 ovulations during a long cycle (even if the docs say no). So, I was just wondering what everyone's experience with this is.-----Oh, and no, unfortunatley, I didn't take a OPK that early. But I had that 'ovulation' cramp and my cervix was very high.) THANKS


Lala - January 23



Lala - January 23

Anyone have a reply?


Vera - January 23

to my knowledge I have not ovulated that early. I don't know if its possible or not... I'd suggest talking to your doctor about it, and perhaps he can tell you.


Aussie Mercedes - January 26

LALA - I think it is possible as I'm pretty sure it happened to me before


Lala - January 26

thanks for the replies! Aussie, did you have the same symptoms as me that made you think you ovulated so early, or did you conceive, and then you knew you had ovulated? just curious because I'm waiting to see if there's any chance we conceived. We bd'd CD 5 and 6. Like I said, I have long cycles and usually don't ovulate until CD 19-22. Oh, and my cervix has stayed high since then. This is only CD 11. thanks!


Aussie Mercedes - January 27

LALA, I don't have cramping pain when i ovulate, and I have no idea how to tell if my cervix is high or low. ( Mine is retroverted - back to front) I felt that I have ovulated close to and even during my AF due to the clear mucous discharge that I get around OV time every month.


Lala - January 28

Thanks for your insight Aussie! I think I'll just wait and see if I ovulate at my normal time. If I do, then obviously I am not pregnant. If I don't then I'll really start to wonder if I did indeed ovulate/conceive that early. I've had too many false positive hpts, so I've sworn off them. From now on I think I'll just have to wait until af is quite late ect. and then I'll just go straight for the blood test. ----How about you; are you in the 2ww?


Lala - January 28

Today is 8dpo. I noticed 2 tiny (like the 2 together may total a pencil eraser size) spots of what looks like brown blood! Is this implantation spotting? I hope so! This is strange because I've never noticed this before. I've checked and there is no more blood to speak of; only small amounts of creamy CM. cervix is still rather high. I wonder. . . .!


ambrosine - January 29

the only way to ovulate *or release 2 eggs* is within a 24 hr period. it is impossible to ovulate twice within 1 cycle. however you may have 2 cycles, where you dont get af, and it sort of seems like a very very long cycle...If that explains it ..


Aussie Mercedes - January 29

AMBROSINE - How do you know this information? I ask because I am experiencing a never before situation!! I am currently 3 1/2 weeks late (the only time I was that late in the past I was pregnant!) Been getting a mix of positive (more than 12) and negative (5) hpts along with negative blood tests. Yesterday I appeared to ovulate which is even more bazzaar and would be considered very late as my period would be due again in a couple of days if I was on my usual schedule which to date has been pretty much like clock work!!. I'd be interested in your opinion as this has never happened to me before!! My cerivx also does appear to feel as if it is quite high. Thanking you in anticipation - Marian


Lala - January 29

Aussie, how confusing for you! You would be about 6 weeks gestation wouldn't you.? A pregnancy may show on an US that early. What does your doc say? I've been told that an elevated prolactin or LH hormones may have caused my false positive hpt's with negative blood tests.


Lala - January 31

So, I was wondering, what do you all think about my possible implantation spotting? Does it sound likely? Thanks.


Lala - January 31

Oh, and also I wanted to mention that this morning when I checked my CP, I noticed that my cervix is shorter than normal (felt flatter--does that make sense?). Has anyone noticed this before? I was wondering what it could mean. My CP is still quite high. I'm waiting to see if I ovulate at my normal time in about 8 days.


MARIAN - February 1

LALA - I too experienced the small spots of brown blood, but in a clear mucus around the 5th of January. For the record - false positives are very rare. POSITIVE usually means POSITIVE, but what it can mean is that you experienced a chemical pregnancy. The egg fertilized but did not implant and progress. 8dpo definitely could have been an implantation bleed as it can implant anywhere between 7 and 12 days po. You are not kidding when you say it's confusing for me LALA!! At present, if pregnant, I would 8weeks. I've got an US booked for Saturday and I'm hoping and praying that they find a baby in there!! Otherwise, I know I will really worry that something bad is happening. I have never been late except when I was pregnant. I'll keep u posted. If you want to email me direct my email is [email protected] Marian


Lala - February 2

My last false positive on a digital and a two line test was followed in only 2 hours by a zero on a quantative hCG---so it could not have been a chemical pregnancy that time.------------Let's hope you find a baby in your tummy!


Marian - February 2

LALA - When did you get the false positives? If they were recent, I don't think you are getting false positives!! It sounds to me like you are actually pregnant. Some of the hpts are more sensitive than the Dr's. Thanks for the encouraging words. I will log on as soon as I get home from my US. If you are having those positive signs now - Congrats because I'd lay odds you are pregnant! Keep me posted! Love Marian



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