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J - January 31

Hi everyone. I have been having irregular periods the last few months, so it is hard to tell when AF is due. THis month, I had spotted from the 4th through the 6th and then nothing until around the 8th. Late in the day on the 8th I started a normal, sort of heavy (sorry, TMI) period until it ended the 12th. DH and I had intercourse the 12th without using withdrawl and then again on the 16th (also no withdrawl). I have taken several brands of HPTs this weekend because I had pg symptoms such as, br___t tenderness/tingling, frequent urination, frequent gas & heartburn (unusual for me) and increased hunger. Anyway, I had four different brands (I was excited LOL). Three came out negative, but then on Saturday, the EPT +/- had a very faint vertical line in the result window. I mean VERY faint. In the bathroom, i had to squint to see it and then I took the test over to my husband who was sitting near the window and we definitly saw a line, but the line was almost whitish in color, rather than blue. We read the test around 7 or 8 minutes after I took it, so it was within the time that EPT states to look at it. The line did become blue after the ten minutes were up though. I just don't know if I should assume this is positive, since the line was a dark white at first, not blue....Do you think I am testing too early and have just enough HCG to register a line, or am I getting an early evap line? I know I can call the 800 number and ask them, but I was hoping for personal experience. Thanks!


J - January 31

Hi, it's me again. If anyone is reading this, I took another one this afternoon (I had bought a three pack) after holding my urine for 3 hours and not drinking anything. The SAME thing happened. White line within the 10 minute time frame. Line darkened up to a light blue after awhile. I know I'm wasting my money testing again so soon, but I'm so excited that I'm feeling very impatient. So if anyone has any clue if this really is a positive, please post!!!!! (BTW, this was another EPT +/- test)


Penny - February 1

I had taken 2 of the EPT +/- test and if the vertical line is showing blue, most likely you are, however I wasn't sure either, so I took a clear blue digital and was positive. Wen to my Doctor on Friday and found out Monday that it was positive. Take a diffirent one besides the EPT +/- these are confusing


Clueless - February 1

I had the same thing happen to me except the vertical line that would complete a + sign was a very faint blue and i took another test the following day and the same result came up so i dont know what it means...then i started what seemed like my period but it was heavy and there was clotting could i be pregnant after that


t - February 4

The exact same thing happened to me I have taken 4 and they all turned up a very faint positive within the 10 mins. The clear blue easy test are negative!!!


ian - March 8

hi I'm sort of glad to know that I'm not the only one who's going insane about this confusing hpt result. I used 2 of these ept +/- and the vertical line on the positive window is so faint. you can only detect that it's there when you check it against the light. I'm a month late so I'm becoming impatient to know what's going on. This week I'm planning to see a doc/ do they use different hpt ?


Lynsay - March 8

J, the same thing happened to me except with more tests used (alot more). I called the 800 # and they told me if you see a line even if it's faint your pregnant, well I didn't believe them so I went for a blood test it was negative and I'm still late it's 7 days. I was so upset I called my cousin who works at a fertility office. She said BT are fool proof and I'm not PG however I've been experiencing discharge and she told me I may stressed myself out so much that I may be ovulating now istead of when I was supposed to. The line you saw if it wasn't dark enough to see it's most likely neg. but if you still are curious go get a digital one but follow the directions carefully. I hope I helped somewhat.


Lynsay - March 8

Also, alot of tests have a cutoff if after 10 mins if you still can't see the blue line clearly enough without squiting it's neg. trust me, BT never lies...but I'm lighting the candles tonight are giving it the old college try once again...evidently when your discharge is clear and slightly sticky it makes for a cushiony path for the sperm, the rest of the time your v____al secretions may be too acidic. So my fingers are crossed.


Candy - March 8

I am 15 days late now and have ran into the same problem! I hate the ept +/- tests. I and my husband were very confused when the results were so faint. It took almost three weeks with my son though to get a + result. I did go into the doc the other day and they did a urine test that showed up -. Now I'm mad that they didn't do a blood test this may have been more accurate and stopped all the fuss. Now we are playing the waiting game and planning to test in another week. It's gonna be a long week. Good luck with your delima, I hope that you eventually get the results that you are looking for. Let us know



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