Blood AND Urine Test

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Robyn - August 31

i had s_x right about the time my dep shot was up (20th of july).. a week after i had s_x i started get brown dischange.. on the 12 of aug i had a blood and urine test done.. the next day i called the doctors and they said it was negitive.. my stomach has been bloated.. for about a week now.. and no period.. im wondering if the test could have been wrong.. is that possible?


robyn - August 20

please answer some one!!


jen - August 20

i dont know


Kim - August 20

Urine tests can be wrong, blood will not be wrong. If you still think you are, you must have a blood quant_tative taken. I had a urine performed at the doc's office after I got positives at home and they told me I was NOT pregnant. But, they also performed a blood test same day at the lab. Blood was positive. So, the doc's tests in office are not always the most sensitive.


Jayne - August 20

Actually, my daughter is going through the same thing. Several negative tests including blood test. Doctor has had many occasions where the woman do not produce enough hCG so all the tests will come back negative. The only way to tell is have pelvic exam and sonogram done. This is according to her doctor.


robyn - August 20

thanks. im definatly going to go back and ask the doctor about that. i was planning on taking a hpt in sept. im really worried b/c im only 16. and i dont really want to let any of my family in on this untill i know 100%.. i had a blood test done too the same time as the urine test.. but it said neg. i feel weird tho an when i rub my hand over my stomach i feel like im going to be sick.. i dont know if thats normal :S.. but thanks for the info :)


ben - August 22



fijian - August 22

Robyn! I am going through the exact same thing as you. I was supposed to get my shot on July2, but didn't and had unprotected s_x on Aug 7. A week later i had brown discharge. I have been bloated for over a week now and haven't gotten my period either. I took two tests that were both neg. It couldve been too early for them. If I am not pregnant, I think the bloating is because my body is trying to adjust being off the shot. So maybe its something about going off depo if we are pretty much in the same boat. I kinda hope I'm not pregnant coz I want to finish school. If I am, its fine and my fiance will sure be happy =)


fijian - August 22

Robyn, did you get the shot when it was up? If so, you are probably not pregnant


Robyn - August 22

no i didnt get the shot when it was up


robyn - August 31

i had another pee test.. it came up neg. could i still be preg?



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