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Sha - November 20

Hi I just need some input or anything!! I would greatly appreciate it !! stopped my birth control pills on the 29th of august ( the first day of my second week of pills)then I started spotting and got my period on the first of september till the 6th. Since then, I havent had a period! This was my first time on birth control and I was only on it for 3 months! I've taken preg. test, the last one a few days ago, all came back negative. I havent had any bleeding at all. Last month, I did notice however, peeing more frequently. headaches and a lot of wooziness, and food cravings that occur usually late at night and early in the morning. I have gained about 6 lbs, my br___ts have gotten bigger and when I squeeze them clear and slightly cloudy fluids come out. Sometimes I feel twitches around my belly and the other night while laying in bed I felt a strange twitch. I dont know, could be gas. I have taken about fifty million tests since september and all say negative. My boyfriend thinks that I am being obsessve about this and that if I have taken so many tests then they must be right. I have some discharge but its usually clear or sometimes a little cloudy not much. Its weired because this past year and ever since I could remember my period use to come every month ( except when I first got my period) or sometimes 2x a month. I get paid at the end of the month so I cant go to the doctor until then, but I reallllllllllllly need some input. Do you think I am obbssed with this as my boyfriend puts it or I have reason to be concerned. These past few months I have been reasearching my situaltion on the net. He just doesnt think its really anything . Do you think I could be pregnant? is anyone going though the same thing!! Any ideas?? HELP!! (I want to have a baby by the way!)


Melissa - November 20

I am going through something similar. I am on the pill and missed a lot this month on and off. I had some bleeding but nothing similar to my normal period. I have taken two tests and both are negative but i am still not convinced. I have heard that tests can come back negative for a while in some people. I am starting to have signs of pregnancy as well.


Bell - November 21

Hey! WoW i am going through the same thing.. except my last period was Sep. 16th. Even my boyfriend thinks im over obsessing about it,,, ( my ex bf that is ), before i was hoping i was pregnant but now i dont wanna be!! He broke up with my on friday and said " for the last 8 weeks theres been too much drama ". w/e. But i havent gotten a period since sep. 26th and im getting negative results from urine and blood. Today i woke up with VERY sore b___bs! before it was just my nipples now its my b___bs! Good luck to every1.


Sha - November 22

Melissa and Bell thanks for the response, its good to know that I am not the only one experiencing this. Bell isnt it fustrating that our b/fs (ur ex) dont think this is as important as we think it is? Everytime I get another symptom I dont bother telling him. Even if we arent pregnant, not having a period for that long is a big deal because there could be so many reasons why. Goodluck to the both of you hope you have good outcomes. Keep me posted!


Melissa - November 22

I developed a yeast infection which i have heard can be a symtom of pregnancy so i went to the doctor and had a blood test done. Wont get the results until tomorrow.


Belle - November 22

Hi, I am having the same prob. No period since Sept.1, sore b___bs, backache, morning sickness, smell sensitivity etc. But I have had 3 postive HPTs and 2 neg blood tests...I am so confused..I don't know what to think anymore!!


Bell - November 22

Hey. I know its terrible Sha. I just hate it that i dont have answers!! I thought i would have gotten them by now but, NOTHING!!! Just more stuff to add onto the list of why i dont have my period and why i am having pregnancy symptoms. I wanna take another test but im afraid of what its gonna say. Because i know if its not positive im just gonna be more confussed and more upset.



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