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Re - April 28

Okay... so this is odd, and I'm dying to know if anyone else out there has ever heard this before.... I had s_x the week I ovulated, so the idea of actually being pregnant is something I am aware of... so I tested... 4 times!!!! 2 days before I was to get my period, 2 days after I was suppose to start, 2 days after that and then I started what I thought was my period... a very odd dark colored period... bled light/heavy at times... went to the doctor the other day and while she was doing my examination she says... your uterus is full!!!! she tested my urine and NEGATIVE! She took some blood, but I wont know the results until Monday... My question is: "Has anyone ever had 4 negative urine tests, and then told my the doctor that she/he thinks there is still a possibility of a pregnancy?!?" This is so weird... I think I'm going to go crazy before the end of the weekend!!!! lol =) ..


b__terflykisses - May 4

i don't know much about the uterus being full? it could be the uterine lining shedding? i don't really know lol. but, i went to the dr 3 weeks after my period was due, and i tested negative but they told me i still have a chance of being pregnant. then, i took a pregnancy test today being 4 weeks late and it showed up positive. i have my u/s this weekend. keep positive!!


AngelGirl501 - May 4

That is the same answer my doctor gave me ... I had 3 OTC urine tests and 1 dr issued urine test and ALL came back negative... UGH


Rena - May 6

b___terflykisses so you got your BFP? i wrote to you in your question you asked about being late?


delia101 - May 6

Congratz b___terflykisses! Kepp us updated! Rena: Sometimes women dont receive a positve until later. Keep us updated and I hope all goes well.


b__terflykisses - May 7

yeah, i got my BFP.. it's odd, when i responded to this question i got a positive. then at the dr, i got a negative... but then again, it showed up on the u/s so there's no denying that!!!


ib__terfly - May 9

I'm wondering if I'm in the same situation as you are. I was supposed to start my period on 4/17 and didn't. I tested 2 times and they were - and a few days later I thought I'd started what was a period (light red and mostly brown) for a few days, and then it just stopped. I've had nausea, bloating, fatigue, heavy b___sts, tired all the time, sleepy...so I waited a while and took yet another test and it turned out negative too. I have an appointment with my doc on the 24th and so we'll see what happens then. This is strange.



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