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Denielle - October 23

Ok. I would like to introduce myself formally. I posted here and there, just found this place a couple of weeks ago. My name is Denielle and I am 23. I think I may be pregnant. I already have a 5 year old son, and have just inherited 2 girls (9 and 8). My boyfriend and I have been trying to find out if I am pregnant. My LMP was August 17. I still haven't had a period, and all the hpt's I've been taking have come out negative. I don't know why. I am having pregnancy symptoms. I never had symptoms with my son. I've been getting sick lately. I have missed 2 periods now, I am losing weight, but yet, my stomach is getting a little bigger. I have this weird feeling in my stomach... I KNOW I am pregnant. I just know it. I had the same feeling with my son. All of a sudden, I just knew... and this is how it is again. I am just waiting for a test to confirm it. *sigh* We want a baby... but then again, we aren't sure if we are completely ready. I know I want another kid, as does he... I don't know... I guess we'll see soon. Keep your fingers crossed for me I think I'm going to get a test tomorrow and take it first thing Tuesday morning. I will keep you updated. Thanks for listening.


luvbb - October 23

good luck to you!!! I have found just having someone else listen really helps when u are not sure exactlly whats going on!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed too so maybe we'll both get lucky and have ++++++'s!


AMS - October 23

I am praying for all of you as i hope the same turns out for me, the waiting is the hardest part especially when i dont have any symptoms


Denielle - October 24

Well... I'm going today to get another hpt. I'm unsure on the brand that I should get. I have taken First Response, EPT, and Equate, and all have shown negative results. The EPT had a weird blotch where the positive line would be. Maybe I should get another one of those? Which test do you all think would be the best to get? I think I might get two seperate tests. Take them both at the same time. What do you think? Because not all tests are the same, maybe ONE will show a positive result. I've already spent way too much money on this. I've probably spent around $75-$100+ on hpt's. My boyfriend wants me to go get a blood test done... but I don't want to waste the money on one until a hpt comes out positive. And with my son, I didn't get a positive hpt until I was around 10 weeks pregnant. So... this week, I'll be ending my 9th week, starting my 10th (if I am, hopefully). What tests do you all think I should try out? Thanks.


sara - October 26

try Answer Early detection.That is the only test that showed up positive for me when no other tests would.Good luck and lots of baby dust!!


Jessica - October 27

I hear ya girl. My boyfriend and I tried to get pregnant recently, we're both excited and are hopeing it goes well, but if it doesn't we're not going to try again for a while, kind of just to see how easy it would be. I have the same feeling that it took, no symptoms yet just a gut feeling that I'm pregnant. You seem like a real nice person if you want maybe we can talk sometime. Let me know and I'll send you my e-mail.



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