A Little Confused

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AK Woman - November 29

We have been ttc since mid August, that's when I went off b/c, my cycle has been crazy since then started really long but then seemed to be shortening out. This month though I'm already 4 days past when I thought I should have my period. I'm confused, should I be yo-yo'ing like this or maybe I'm pregnant?? I haven't taken a test yet, kinda nervous and I don't want to test to soon. Anyone else having simular issues???


wondering - November 29

I am sort of in the same situation...just about 2 weeks late...got off pill in Sept. cycle got a little longer. Now I am wondering if I am prego...took test the other day and BFN...guess I will just wait it out...have been ttc ...it is so confusing because I cannot tell if I have symptons or not!


AK Woman - November 29

I have a hard time waiting things out...I think I'm going to get a hpt on the way home from work tonight and take it. I guess I'll see...


confused - November 29

what does it mean when your e.p.t test shows neither positive or neg


wondering - November 29

good luck AK Woman!! let me know how it goes!


AK Woman - November 30

Well I didn't take a test last night, cause I felt like my period was going to start for sure, but still nothing...so I'm going to get one on my lunch break and just take it....we'll see


Vira - November 30

Last year when I went off of the pill my cycle went completely nutty... to top it all off, it was right before my wedding. My husband and I knew that we'd want to start trying right away for a baby. Be patient with it, if you're thinking you might be preg take a test. It can't hurt. If you don't want to test, just go and see your doc, he or she will be able to advise you either way. Also, in regards to you feeling your period is starting... I have also been feeling that way for the past 2 weeks, we just found out yesterday that we're pregnant again! I thought for usre my period was coming. Good luck!!! Let us know



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