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LUCKYMOM - February 28



Amartin100503 - March 1

hi luckymom, i usually respond on the "18 days no AF" thread, but I happened across this and figured i would update you on this thread. So, i am currently 18 days late and one of the girls at work will be taking my blood tomorrow for another bhcg test. I haven't done hpt since Friday morning. I'm scared to . I don't want to see another BFN. Anyway that's it for now, keep me posted on your ultrasound on Mar. 13......good luck..........***baby dust***


luckymom - March 1

hi amartin well good luck tomorrow and i hope you get a BFP im excited for you ...and even tho even the hpt does say negative as long as your af does not come theres still a chance sweetie....keep me posted


wondering - March 2

Are you cycles normally regular? I have a post called "long cycles????!!" I have long cycles, but I am currently 26 dpo. I've had one other cycle when I went 26 dpo. I'll be surprised if the witch shows up tomarrow as I have no signs. I think I'll plan on getting a blood test on Friday which will be a full 4 weeks since ovulation. I don't want to take hpt's since they don't work for me.


mysteeq - March 2

hi luckymom my last af was 18 dec and was due 16 jan so im now 6 wks overdue i've also had bfn hpt and b/t which was done when i was 2 wks overdue i got a docs appointment on mon so hopefully then i will be able to find out whats wrong good luck to yous all


wondering - March 2

Wow, it sounds like we're are all in the same boat. I have a question: do you all check cervical position? Mine has been firm (like af will start) for the last several days, but it feels closed. No spotting at all; just lotion CM. I'm going for my blood test tomarrow.


meldenkey - March 2

**QUESTION** 1st day of last period was Jan 29. had s_x on Feb 7, 8, 10, 12, 15, 19, and Mar 2. NO af as of yet. Having Cramps for the last 3 weeks.... but more of a discomfort than a cramp, and little twinges. EXTREMELY bloated for the last week and a half. Eyes are bothering me, sinus problems, and can smell better than everyone else around me. Took an ovulation test and ovulated on the 18th. Was supposed to have af on Mar 1st. This morning (mar 2nd) after s_x urinated, and wiped light pink spots, but nothing since then all day. Have taken pregnancy tests for the last 2 weeks and the last one was three days ago and it was a BFN. What do you all think?


wondering - March 2

To meldenkey--for most women a hpt won't work until af is late. (the very soonest is 10 dpo) So testing for the last 2 weeks would come up negative. I'd say test again tomarrow with first morning urine (most concentrated). The hCG doubles every two days. Keep your chin up, you're not out until af comes!!


luckymom - March 2

welcome all well i have my regular 28 days phase never been late ever unless i was pregnant which was with my last child so i dont know what is wrong with me i just found out i have abnormal cells from my pap smear will that mess up my cycle????


lovey - March 2

Hi everyone, My LMP was 12/19/05 before that cycle my cycles lasted 29 days. The cycle of 12/19 was 50 days ( don't know what that was all about). I haven't a period since. I've taken dozens of hpts and 1 blood test on 2/10/06. I haven't had any signs except for missed period, bloating and swollen b___sts. Do you think it could be a cyst? But I've never heard of a cyst causing swollen b___sts. I took another hpt today and it was neg. Has anyone had or no anyone that had this happen and find out later they are pregnant?


lovey - March 2

I forgot to add for these 2mos. that I haven't had period, I've been having these shooting pains through my b___sts and sometimes my nipples.


luckymom - March 2

lovely i am going through the same things symptoms wise....i just have my missed af since 1-1--06 with bloating gas sleepy fatigue and no sore b___st which is good and no ms i dont know whats wrong with us here ladies we need to invent something better then this HPT maybe a Ultrasound monitor that you could buy for a cheap price LOL with a good instruction book of how to use it


bump - March 3



**** - March 15



mysteeq - March 15

Heres My Update: Went to the docs had another urine test b/t both neg she tested for pituitary tumour that was neg just last fri had to go see another doc as to why AF was late he did a v____al u/s to check for any cycts and to see how the uterus was which is all good had more b/t done.Which i go back on friday for the results.I have to make appt to get my fallopian tubes checked now and as for AF i finally got it after 2 long months on monday so im pretty happy its here.Still i have now clue to why AF was late so im just guessing for me it all came down to stress.Good luck ladies and i hope you find out your answers soon...and try not to stress to much...


luckymom - March 19

hi mysteeq hada v____al us and no baby as well i started up my bcp again to start my period like you said dont stress out


mysteeq - March 19

Got the results everything was ok just got to go for HSG next week .



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