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lastchance - November 6

I think I ovulated on the 24th or 25th of November.... but honestly it could have been the 26th, because I still had that clear egg white mucus that everyone is talking about all the time.... since then it has been white... and plenty of it.... like lotion... but there is surly no lack of it even though my period is due on this Friday, November 9th. I took a pregnancy test today, result was negative... the first question is (since I have been feeling pregnant I am paranoid.) can I safely assume that I am not pregnant at this point? Question 2- WHEN WOULD I HAVE OVULATED - AND HOW LONG DOES THAT EGG WHITE STUFF LAST? Should there still be a lot of "lotion like" discharge soaking me (embarrassing) every day this close to my period?... ok, so thats more than 2 questions...


stillmourning - November 6

wait until friday to test again, the egg may have implanted late, or you ovulated later than you originally thought. With my first pregnancy I had TONS of white creamy stuff, so good luck!!


lastchance - November 7

Its just crazy, this whole situation is crazy... My body is freaking out, or I am pregnant... I should know by the end of this weekend.... but I just can't shake the feeling that something is up, even with a negative result... and I just want to know WHAT exactly is going on... (I am the kind of person that always needs to know why everything happened.... ) I wonder something, so I look it up, or go on a mission to find out what the cause was...


stillmourning - November 7

I understand completely. Unfortunately, much of the time all we can really do is wait.


goingtobefamous - November 8

so if your pregnant you should get a positive result by 13 dpo?


lastchance - November 8

Okay... I think I may be getting my AF today... early, but this morning there was brown when I whipped the first time, but the second nothing... so since Its due tomorrow, I am going to a__sume that its too late to be implantation bleeding, and say that I am probably safe to a__sume I am not pregnant.... Would anyone else say the same?


lastchance - November 8

Af.. its here... Thanks all!



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