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gege - May 18

if i had only 16 and i abort a baby how this affect my body?my boyfriend didn't know that i was pregnant and hi get to a depression what would happen? my parents did not know either?


Faith - May 18

Gege, did you already have an abortion? If not, I really urge you to consider a different option. An abortion can cause scaring in your uterus and leave you unable to have children in the future. You could also develop infection and other problems. You could get depressed. I think you should talk to someone who is an adult who can help you deal with this situation. Maybe a school counseler and they have support clinics around too. You also need to pray about it. God wants to help you and he is willing to forgive you.


Happy Mommy - May 19

I completely agree with Faith! Thank you for being so bold in truth Faith!


Stephanie - May 19

I truly think that you need to talk with your parents about this. What Faith has said regarding the scaring in your uterus is true, but that is a very small statistic. You really need to weigh the pros and cons of having an abortion v. having a baby v. adoption. All three are very hard choices, and if you choose to have an abortion, I think that it would be in your best interests to get some counseling before and after and you should do the same if you have an adoption. Having a baby, you won't really have time to do so as you will still have to finish school, etc. Good Luck to you and no matter what you choose, know in your heart that you did what was right. Also, if you do have an abortion, be strong and do not let other peoples' opinons and hateful words make you feel any worse than you do.


Tiff - May 19

Hi gege, abortion will definitely have emotional side effects, and they can last a very long time. Please do not get an abortion. If you already got one and you are experiencing depression, please let us know. There are many women on this site that will help you. You may also need to see a school counselor to help you deal with the emotional side effects of being pregnant at an early age.


Abortion is not an option! - May 19

Do not get an abortion! It will affect you the rest of your life!



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