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Sari - April 4

I took a Accu Clear Pregnancy test, and I had one come out positive. I took another one just to make sure, but the test came out almost negative. I have to look very very hard to see the line! If someone else was to look they wouldn't see anything! Could this be my imagination, or has anyone else had the same problem as me?


jenn - April 5

hi sari! I took the same test as u and got a faint line but no neg. ones. you should go to the doctors and have a blood test done. thats what i did and sure enough I was pregnant. good luck!


tim - April 6

I took thie test...always get lines... even though after 10 min....always. I wonder that this test shows all the time positiv????????


ann - April 6

Hi, I took the same test. There was two lines, but one of them was so so faint like a shadow. So I understood it as NEGATIV. But some time later (maybe ... half hour or so ...) two clear pink line was there. I did the test again and same thing happened.


caludia - April 9

Accu Clrear result is always positiv. Why? Anybody has same experience?


colleen - April 9

every time I take this test I always get a white line, or maybe it's faint pink. I can't tell. I guess it's just a cheaply made test. You can see the line from the start.


linda - April 9

me too!!!!!From the start I see the line. Yes, it's a white line, and later it becomes pink. Every time!!!!!


kiki - April 15

I ...kind of.. like Accu Clear.


Tria - April 18

I got a faint pink line.


colleen - April 18

anyone get a faint pink line with this test and turned out pregnant?


Sari - April 19

Hey everyone! I just found that same test a while back and when I looked at it, the line was darker. I am pregnant, but I dont like Accu Clear test. Its been a while when I posted my question, and it took the test that long to become dark after being a very faint pink. Well, just thought id keep you all posted!! good luck! Also, if its faint then you are more than likely preggers, I was!



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