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confused1 - December 31

Yesterday at 8dpo I took an accuclear test. It came out very faint positive, pink, but veryyyy faint. Today I took the other test in the box 9dpo and again, same faint line, not any darker. Both appeared within the first 10min. Has anyone had evap lines within the first 10min with these?


confused1 - January 10

17dpo, had some spotting now, 1 day of medium bleeding but it has stopped a couple of days ago....Still getting faint bfp on clearblue today, frer, and accuclear. Accuclear are the strongest bfp. Can anyone help??


Shannon - January 10

I had bought some tests on e-bay because you could buy many cheap. I kept getting really bad evap lines this month then very very faint shadows of lines with in the time. The confusion was driving me crazy so I finally got the clear blue digital and it says pregnant or not pregnant makes the interpretation easy. Mine said pregnant.


confused1 - January 11

How late were you Shannon when you got the bfp on the digital?? Did you ever get the bad evap lines on those before and you were not pregnant??


kimb - January 11



kimb - January 11

opps. hit too soon. I am going through the same thing with the accuclear. I read somewhere on the internet that you can get a + after 30 min with that one. Let me know what happens!


confused1 - January 12

Still -ve first response this morning. arghhhh.


Andrea - January 12

I also tested today with AccuClear. The oval window is a definite line but I can see a VERY faint pink line in the square window. How faint of a line are you seeing? I can see it under a good light. I am also not familiar with the evap lines...are these lines that show up after the alloted time???


confused1 - January 12

Yes, evap lines appear after the 10min and can be any color with some tests. I am going to try a different brand tomorrow morning. God this is getting expensive, but I just want to know for sure. The lines I am seeing appear within the 10min. are pink and get darker over time. They have not gotten much darker. It's driving me crazy. Alot of these women get dark + lines. Andrea, let me know if you test with a different brand and you are pregnant. I don't want to go to the dr until I know for sure. When I had my daughter I didn't get a bright ++ until 25dpo or I was well over a week late. Until tomorrow!



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