Addicted To HPTs

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Laura - October 24

I just wanted to comment on how its rather funny how addictive those HTPs become. This urge comes over me and I must satisfy it with spending more money on one of those tests. Then I get the negative and I'm okay for maybe a day before the urge hits again! It is odd reading these messages because I definitely do NOT want to be pregnant. Then i read how hopeful you women are and I feel so confused because this thing I fear is something so many want so badly. I have had 6 negative HTPs, am maybe only a week late, and don't feel signs of pregnancy or my period. My boyfriend and I used the pull out method a few times this month and I'm just really really parnoid now that I'm pregnant. I will certainly never be using that method again. Oh but for my question, I usually have quite a bit of dischargy stuff during what I think is the ovulation time maybe 2 weeks or so before I get my period. I don't remember getting that at all this month. That is my fear. Does that mean I got pregnant before that? so I didn't ovulate? or I don't know what happened...


Jessica - October 27

I'm the same. I've taken 2 HPT's and my period is "due" today. Its usually irregular. I feel like I'm going to get my period but nothing. Both tests have been negative. My boyfriend and I used the pull out method twice but he did not ejaculate. I guess we'll just have to wait it out... keep me updated


To jessica - October 27

You don't want to be pregnant, right? because i went crazy worrying starting the day my period was due but didn't come also and now its been 12 days and I just had an appointment this morning. They didn't do a blood test--just a urine test and they said I definitely seem not pregnant after an exam as well. They said that stressing over my period probably delayed it big time. I feel a lot better after talking to a doctor and not just reading stuff online for hours each day. Why do you feel this time you may be pregnant? is this the first time he did the pull out method? We used that for over a year and I never worried about it (very stupid)--well worried to this extent so I felt i had some inner reason for causing the panic--I don't know. Still no period for me but a very confident not pregnant conviction in the doctor. So i feel so much better. --Laura


To Laura - October 27

I guess I shouldnt worry but still make an appointment. I DO NOT want to get pregnant. I work full time, go to college and will be leaving for Border Patrol Agent academy in January (kind of like boot camp) so I cant be pregnant and do that! :) I'm kind of going crazy reading all this stuff on-line but I'm trying to remember that all women are different. I don't have any pregnancy symptoms but I think I started to freak out because my boyfriend and I have only been having s_x for two months. This month we had s_x every 4 days or so using the pull out method only tiwce. I was thinking of going on the patch so I think I'll look more into it. Thank you so much for keeping me updated. I'll write back if anything else happens...


To jessica - October 27

Yeah it sounds like you are in such a similar situation as I am. I just finished college and have no money, I'm working for no money and trying to study for the LSATs and apply to law school for the fall. I'm not even with the possible father --- we dated for awhile and then he decided to make me happy by cheating on me but since then (over a year now) we still basically spend everyday together--but it definitely isn't a relationship I can count on. BUT regardless of all of that--it really is so unlikely we are pregnant...both of us don't seem to have any reason to think we are except our own paranoia. I just went to a Planned Parenthood and I felt a ton better even though those rare stories of women winding up pregnant after a bunch of negative htps and such still worry me a little bit. I'm going back on birth control though--the pills. I had no problem with them before and only stopped because that guy and i broke up and i wanted to discourage myself from doing anything with him--anyways, let me know how you are doing--how old are you>


to Laura - October 28

Wow, I cant believe how much are stories are alike. I'm actually still in college, my third year at san diego state. You know how it is kids are broke! :) Even though I work as a government employee (Immigration) I'm still broke with all my school and housing expenses. I'm 22 by the way. Making you how old? If I was pregnant the "father" is in the navy and we've been on and off for a while...well, since he got stationed here in SD about 8 months ago or so. We want to be together and all but we just can't make it work out. We're so different yet so attracted to eachother. Anyway, it does trip me out though that some women have negative tests and are still pregnant. When I take a HPT I'm ok for a while and then I'll go on-line to read all these stories and get completely freaked out again. For the moment I'm ok. I made an appointment at Planned Parenthood for saturday. Hopefully they dont give me any bad news! Email me : [email protected]



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