AFP Test Results Of 1 180 For A 30 Year Old

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MC - July 17

I had gotten these results two days ago and am so freaked out for this is my first pregnancy. I go for an ultrasound tomorrow. Has anyone been in my shoes? I know those AFP test can be false-positive.


KB - June 7

I am in your shoes exactly. I got my news today 1:202 chance for Downs. The nurse told me not to worry (yeah,right)because it could be a miscalculation of my due date. I will tell you what I have been telling myself since I got the news: try and remain calm until the ultrasound; chances are everything's ok since 90% of the false positive results produces a healthy baby. Good luck!!!!


Michelle - June 12

I amm 33 and pregnant with my second child and also got a positive result for NTD risk of 1:254, I can't stop crying and have to wait 3 more days until my scan. I just pray alot. All the best....


Natalie - June 14

I am 30 years old expecting 4th child. Three weeks ago at 17 weeks, I was told my chances were 1:120 Level II ultrasound looked good, I was too scarred to do an amnio. Seeing the ultrasound helped me to bond to my baby, regardless of the outcome, however it is on my mind continually and I find myself wanting more ultra sounds to re a__ssure me.


Paula - July 2

I got my AFP results and they were 1: 147 for a 31 year old. The doctor said there was nothing toworry about. I will do another ultrasound next week. What do you think? Good luck to all!


Angie - July 5

im 28 and got a 1 in 59 chance of a baby with ds. I'm praying its wrong


Angie - July 6

I go for my amnio tommarow and very scared not really the test itself but what the result could be. Does anyone have a risk close to mine that turned out ok 1 in 59 for down syndrome. I have a healthy 6 year old son and only 28 years old with no family history on my husband side or mine. I just don't understand.Good luck to everyone.


ML - July 8

I am 34 and my 1st pregnancy;I know exactly what you are going through, I got a 1;110 for D/S. I couldnt go through with the amnio I did'n want to risk having a miscarriage and losing my baby. but I can't stop thinking about it either. Good Luck and I will pray for all of us.


SR - July 17

You guys have great odds of having a healthy child. My odds came back 1/10 for DS. I' 43 and my usual odds wouls be 1/38. I have to wait 9 days for my U/S. I've been freaking out!!


Kelly - July 17

I got my results back 2 days ago, I'm 25 and they said I need to go for an ultrasound for Downs. I'm freaking out and praying ALOT! Best of luck to everyone in this situation!



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