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Christina - February 8

I havent had my period since 11/2304. I have taken many hpt and they have all been neg. I have preg. symptoms but i'm afraid they are in my head. I have been dizzy, exhausted, extra hungry, crampy, achey, my feet hurt, and i've had to urinate more often. am or preg. or just wishing?? any info/advice welcome


Yolanda - February 8

I am going through the same thing. My period is not due till 02/10 or 02/11and all pregnancy test are coming back negative. I also feel like I am pregnant! I think maybe I took the tests too early. I have been taking a pregnancy test everyday since ovulation. I think I might be wasting my $$.


Christina - February 8

Yolanda, if your period isnt due until the 10th wait until the day of or the day after to test. then it should be able to test better. be sure to use fmu and keep us updated.


SugarPie - February 8

Christina, I haven't had one since 11/28/2004 so I completely understand. No advice other than I kept contemplating going to the doctor, because I've had all negative tests and I'm afraid they're just going to give me the run around. So, I've talked myself into waiting until the 28th of this month and then finally making an appointment. In the meantime I've been taking extra calcium (body is so drained from miscarriages) and prenatals and trying to not eat chocolate which I absolutely detest, but have suddenly developed cravings for over the past two weeks. Go figure. Keep me posted!


Christina - February 8

SugarPie, i did make an appt. for tomorrow morning i made it about 2 weeks ago. i just got really concerned because its never been this long between periods. also, when my mom and grandma were my age that had ovarian cysts so i wanna be safe. plus both my mom and grandma's 1st pregnancies were both m/c which i really dont want. i'll keep u posted.


Christina - February 9

Hey girls, this is what happened at the dr. I went to the dr. today and do u know how the nurse treated me when i asked for a preg. test? after telling her my lmp was in nov. she said that it would definitely show up on an hpt by now and there must be something else wrong with me. then she said how its possible to miss a period for no reason at all. i told her that i understand if i had just missed one but i'm onto almost 3 by now and she told me that something must be messed up, you think??? what a day at the dr. some stuff is just hard and people cant explain but i thought a dr. would no. now i need to make an appt. with an obgyn which is where i wanted to go in the 1st place, but i needed a referral to go. My insurance is kinda weird. i'll keep u guys updated as stuff happens. what kind of help was that appt???


E - February 9

Christina, I'm almost 2 weeks late and 3 negative tests so far. I have not tested in 6 days, so I plan to test tomorrow morning. Please keep us updated!


SugarPie - February 9

Omg, Christina!!!! Can you say witch with a b?! Exactly why I've taken so long to make an appointment. As if you don't know your own body? And all it does is add stress. Try for a "hippie" type of obgyn. They're better to understand women. Keep us updated. I think I'm going to make an appointment tomorrow. So dreading this. I did the stick this morning and another freakin' negative. And it's amazing that I get this negative as I feel flutters. My b___sts are another cup size! And my tummy is stretching like you wouldn't believe.


Christina - February 11

well guys today i'm calling an ob/gyn to make an appt. i'm hoping she can squeeze me in asap because i definitely want to know whats going on with me. its good to know im not *crazy* and this happens to other people. i'll keep u updated and g/l to all!



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