Am I Mad Or Pregnant

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Ellie-UK - September 8

i have been a little worried for the last few months normally my periods are exactly six days in length heavy (requiring super plus tampons) and on the dot regular. appart from the one in july which only lasted a day and a half and was very very very light spotting, i then missed completely the next two, so if the july period counts i am nine weeks overdue and if its probably not a period but implantation bleeding, i would be 13 weeks. i have all the symptoms nausea, tiredness, gone from a B cup to DD, starting to get a bump, frequent urination. in addition to all this i have other long term medical problems (palindromic rheumatoid arthritis and Cytokinic periodic syndrome) neither of which should affect my fertility etc. finally got hold of my consultant, who advised that all my medication are flagged as being toxic in pregnancy, explained the normal regularity of my periods and the random light spotting in july followed by missing the next two completely. i mentioned the typical symptoms, the fact that the joint pain has improved (typical in pregnancy, and my medication hasnt changed) i even mentioned the numerous negative urine tests and the negative blood test result. we even talked about my mum never having a positive pregnancy test when she was pregnant with me, and the fact that i didnt get a positive with my daughter (now 6) until i was 20 weeks pregnant. she duely trotted off to chat to the midwifes and try and organise a scan, to sort this out one way or the other. the midwifes advised her that urine pregnancy tests are never wrong, and because of that i cannot possible be pregnant, and they wont accept that there is any need what so ever for a scan to check. i can only assume the negatives my mum had when pregnant are all in her head as are the negatives i had before 20 weeks when i was definately pregnant with my daughter, and so too must my GP who also ended up getting negatives when testing me during the first 20weeks of chloes pregnancy. i really dont know what to think now. so my consultant takes this all on board if the midwifes say all urine tests are 100% accurate then that must be true, so bang goes the scan idea its obviously unneccessary afterall those highly qualified midwifes said so. maybe she says its a drug side affect (of drugs that have not been altered in a year? odd but lets give them the benefit of the doubt) perhaps a high prolactin level, after all i had a really high one a year ago!, and high prolactin can supress menstration, i did point out that when my prolactin was high, and it was very very very high, the only real symptoms were bizare lactating br___ts, (not something i have a problem with at the minute) and my periods never stopped because of the prolactin levels. so it would be a bit odd if it could cause this now? my biggest fear here is i know my medication is toxic in pregnancy, i cant cope with the chance of finding out i am 4 or 5 months pregnant and having to abort it because the medication has caused problems. my consultant wont change my medication to something suitable for pregnant women because THE MIDWIFES SAY I AM NOT PREGNANT, and who are we to question it. so end result is i am scheduled for a beta HCG and a prolactin level blood test. like thats gonna help. i am just so fed up and miserable, and am gonna go and cry on the sofa now as my life is shit and i have run out of cherries (current craving of the week). my husband is sure i am pregnant, i look pregnant, i just dont know what to think now.


Opinion - September 8

If you think you are pregnant, stop the medication and go to a new doctor for the sake of the baby.


Kelly - September 9

We know our bodies. IF there is something not normal then take action and go to several different doctors if you have to. And demand an Ultra Sound. That was the only way a friend found out she was preg, after several numerious negatives. I myself is in the same situation, my period is always on time. So far I am 2weeks late and feeling all the symptoms; Nausea-on a regular basis, fatigue, soreness and swollen b___sts. I am going to give my cycle another week and will retest. But for the sake of the "baby" get off that medication.


Ellie-UK - September 13

just to update you all still no sign of any periods, still getting negatives on the hpt, have since the initial post had another two beta HCG's which have come back negative. the pregnancy symptoms persist, both my husband and GP are sure i am pregnant. turns out my medication are only really harmfull in the fianl trimester so that okay for a while. my GP is keeping an eye on it and doing regular pregnancy tests both blood and urine, and when we get a positive he is allowed to schedule a sacan to date it all. thanks for all your advice. can i make one little point, as my doctor remionded me you should never make the descision to stop certain types of prescription medication it can result in more harm than if you continue taking it, a good example would be medication for eppilepsy or diabetes etc. thanks again will try and keep you all updated.


Ellie-UK - September 21

just wanted to update anyone following my thread; finally got the results of some bloods done on monday, everything was within normal limits apart from those listed below, in addition also listed are the ones that came back normal but were a suprise really. refernce ranges are in brackets....... cholestrol - 5.25 (3.5-5.2) HIGH Prolactin - 380 (50-500) NORMAL???? how bizare, that rules out that reason for my absent periods. testosterone - 3.9 (0.5-2.6) HIGH (am i turning into a man?) Hb - 10.8 (11.5-16.5) LOW so i'm anaemic tell me something i don't know RBC - 3.60 (3.8 - 5.8) LOW so the anaemia may be due to a shortage of red blood cells. PCV - 0.329 (0.370-0.470) LOW incidently i have never had a normal packed cell volume, always low, guess its the volume of tea i drink! beta HCG taken on the 9/9 was less than 2 beta HCG taken on 19/9 was agin less than 2, over 5 is deemed positive. so now i am completely baffled i was sure that if its not pregnancy it must be an elevated prolactin, which would cause similar symptoms. i think the next step will be an ultrasound to see whats going on........... back to the doctors again!


Mica - September 21

If you're more than 12 weeks pregnant, a doctor/midwife can palpate (feel) your enlarged uterus over your pubic bone by a pelvic exam!!!!!!!!! It is not imposible to find out for certain if you're pregnant!!!!!!!!


Ellie-UK - September 21

i know, my GP palpated my abdomen when i first saw him after missing one period, he said at the time my uterus was enlarged. when i went to A&E they also palpated my abdomen again commenting that it was enlarged and consistant with how ever many weeks of pregnancy i thought i could be then. this was followed up with a HCG that came back as negative so nothing more was done at A&E. unfortunately here in the UK you only get a ultrasound if you have a positive pregnancy test. which seems pretty stupid to me. luckily as my blood tests prove its not resulting from a high prolactin (which was the opinion of my consultant) and i am also showing signs of anaemia hopefully my GP will push this through and investigate it properly. i will make an appointment for next week (he wont get my blood test results till then, i have them already as i work in pathology). i intend to demand an ultrasound to determin the cause of my abdominal swelling, as its just getting ridiculous now, if i am pregnant i would be 11 weeks , or 15 weeks if my last period (the odd light spotting one) was actually implantation bleeding. i would also like to comment as someone who works in pathology the HCG test is not the gold standard test its made out to be, around 15% of women for some reason get fasle negatives. thankyou for the advice.


Mica - September 21

If you're 11-15 weeks, you may not yet need an US. By this time the fetal heart tones can usually be heard with a fetal doppler. Sometimes, esp. if the mom is heavy, it can't be heard yet at 11weeks, but it usually can. This would be much cheaper, as you'd only have to pay the fee to see the doctor, and not for the US. Any OB/GYN or midwife could check for fetal heart tones. best to you!


Holly - September 21

Holy c___p! We are going through the exact same thing ellie! I too would be 13-14 weeks at this point. LMP 6/15/05 or 15/6/05 for you! I've had all signs of pregnancy including nipple leakage and I just started feeling those tell tale flutters. I call them my alien hiccups. No positive tests. Even had a blood test right after my 2nd missed period, hcg was 2, doc said you can't be pregnant. Since then, I continue to test weekly, all negative. I'm sure I must be insane or actually pregnant. Good luck to you Ellie, let me know what you discover.


Ellie-UK - September 22

have been doing a bit of research on my latest blood test results. the high testosterone can be a sign of PCOS, although i don't have any other symptoms that could support that as a diagnosis, this is the first time since i first hit puberty that my periods have stopped, apart from when i was pregnant with my daughter (now 6). i also discovered that a raised testosterone can be found in pregnancy and with the anaemia that would be a possibility. just got to wait and see i suppose, will let you all know what the plan will be once i have seen my GP, and contacted my consultant (rheumatology). its getting frustrating now as the longer this drags on especially if i am not pregnant, the more time that is wasted for actually trying for a baby . Hi Holly, its nice to know its happening to others out there as well, i wish you luck in finding out answers, my fingers are crossed for you. Thanks again Mica, might be a idea to get my GP, (or the practice midwife) to try and have a listen, luckily here in the UK we don't have to pay for tests like the ultra sound, but as a result the doctors are the ones who decide if they are neccessary, and with out a positive pregnancy test its very difficult to get an ultrasound, i have even offered to pay for it privately, but the same rules apply. as i understand it any woman who missed more than three periods is supposed to be investigated, so hopefully something will be done.


Hm123 - September 27

Hello ladies!! I'm so glad I'm not the only one I too am in ur situo! I had tried to  conceive in august and well after that I got ALL the symptoms that u would in pregnancy from fatigue to nausea to b***st problems. I am now around 8 weeks IF I am pregnant. I got negative pregnancy tests so far can't do bloods apparently in the uk gps can't request these bloods. My recent bloods showed high prolactin and have been scheduled to do repeats after 4 weeks to see how high they are. My gp suspects I am pregnant as well as myself so he's managed to kindly arrange a "pelvic" ultrasound to rule out pregnancy once n for all so we can concentrate on treating the high prolactin in my body. My mother said she got negative tests and had a confirmed pregnancy in a US so I'm hoping I'm following her ???? If not I'm going to be disappointed but I'm not going to lose hope. This is my second pregnancy after 9 years! (As I wasn't trying before) I have my US on the 9th so fingers crossed if in between anyone has any positive results for pregnancy please do share il be checking regularly! Good luck ladies 



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