Am I Preganant With So Many Negative Tests

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kate - November 3

i have been feeling unwell for over a week. took a few days off work, and just thought i'd over done it. i came off the pill in september, and have not had a period since. as i was feeling unwell, just really tired and with no obvious syptmoms, i did a test on saturday. it took ages for a line to appear, but eventually it did. it probably took about 10minutes for there to be any definite line. i did another test 10 hours later which was negative. i used the same negative stick and tried placing it in my urine on sunday morning, and a line appeared. i know that isn't the most reliable way to do it, but has anyone else done it that way, if so what were the results? i then went and got another test and used the same sample of urine (although it was about 4 hours old). it was a different brand of test, but it was negative. then went to the doctors yesterday, did a test which was negative. i have begun to feel nausea, although not actually being sick, and very bloated and full of wind. but last week i felt very constipated (which is why i thought i felt so sluggish!) I have not been eating properly and have very little appet_te. i had unprotected s_x at the end of september and again in mid october. so if i am pregnant i am either 5 weeks or 2 1/2 weeks. if i am 2 1/2 weeks would it show on a test? and would i start feeling unwell within 1 week of conception? would be grateful to hear any of your views, as i too am a bit anxious. don't mind either way... i'd just like to know!!


Michelle - November 4

I totallu know how you feel. Im in the same boat as you. Everyone keeps on teling me to wait like a week and do another test. I know its driving you crazy, because i feel the same way!!! Im 2 weeks late and im getting negatives, and alot of the symptoms. I just wanted to know your not alone!!!


wondering - November 4

I am in the same boat as the two of you. My period is now three weeks late and I just took a hpt this morning - negative. I have all of the symptoms. I took a blood test last week - negative. What does the doctor say? "Wait another 2 weeks!" Easy enough for her to say.... like you said Michelle it is driving me crazy. Are you guys like me and are obsessing about it??


Confused - November 4

Hi I also am in the same situation. I took several HPT (too many to count) all negative. I also had a blood test on Tuesday, negative again. I am 12 days late as of today (never late). Could I still be pregnant after the negative blood test????????????????


Michelle - November 4

I think we could be pregnant. I know someone who had negative results and had to get a sonogram to finally know that she was indeed pregnant. Alot of woman go through this an its driving me OFF THE WALL. Me and my boyfriend are ging through a rollercoaster. You just have to give it more time.


kate - November 5

yesterday i did another test which came back +ve after waiting AGES for the result. this mornign a test came back -ve. well... i went to the doctors today and she said that she thought i was pregnant and could well be 8 weeks! she said she could not explain why i was getting some positive and some negatives, but said that it wouldn't show up a line at all if i was not pregnant! does that help at all?


Going Crazy! - November 5

OMG yes it does for me!! I've gotten positive pee tests and negative blood tests. I dont understand, i should have gotten my period about 1 and a half to 2 weeks ago and i have symptoms!!


kate - November 15

going crazy... any more news, or from anyone else? i am waiting for the results of a blood test. the doctor wants me to go for a scan, but the hospital won't let me have one until i have a blood test. the nurse at the doctor has told me that if i have tested negative there is no way that i can be pregnant... ARGH!


KeKe - November 17

I totally understand how you ladies are feeling. Especially with you Kate. My last period was Sept 30. It's now nov 17 almost 2 time for my period again and still it hasn't shown up. My doctor said he thought I was pregnant but all my hpts are negative actually I had one faint positive. and 2 negative blood tests. Yet my body is doing something completely different. I went to the dr. today and he wanted to put me on Provera AFTER he said he thought I was. I don't think I want to do that in the even that I am pregnant. what do you ladies think? It's so good to know that there are other people who are going through the same things.


Michy - November 17

OMG!! KeKe I am going through the EXACT same thing!! My last period was Sep. 26 and i have been getting negatives and like 2 faint positives, i've taken 2 blood tests and today i just took my third one and thats gonna test for my hcg level. My gyno wants to put me on that pill too!! But i dont want to. Because i think i am pregnant!! I feel it! And even though i have been getting negatives, i still think im pregnant!! Is it possible to get negatives when you pregnant?? If i were pregnant i would be about 7 to 8 weeks. Does anyone know how long or the longest it takes for the hcg hormone level to go up? I heard women who havent got theres up until like 2 months. Is it possible?


Jennifer - November 28

I can feel you on that.I have been trying to get pregnant now for 1 1/2 years.I had my period the second week of last month,well when this month showed up I didn't have my period.So I took a pregnancy test four days ago and it was negative.I also started taking prenatal vitamins to help concieve the same day of the test.I have been having symptom like:nausea,always hungry,but when I do eat I take a few bites and I am full,I have a sharp cramp in my side that feels like a st_tch from running too much,I feel tired in the afternoon, and the day i took the pregnancy test I started spottin,but not enough to wear a liner,but two days later it started to get heavy,but now its light (I am a very very heavy bleeder and this is unusual for me), I also have had to urinate about every 45 minutes and I have had diarrhea more frequent.I am going to take a pregnancy test a week from the last one,but I too and kind of in doubt if I am pregnant or not...I just don't want to get my hopes up...


Amy - November 29

I just stumbled upon this web site and I felt the need to write. Last month I had the same experience of a late period which is very unusual for me. I mentally convinced myself that I was pregnant even though 2 tests proved negative. There actually is a possibility of feeling all the signs of pregnancy without being pregnant due to your mind playing tricks on you. This month however I swore not to be over zealous with the pregnancy test and after I was 2 weeks late I finally took it. 3 sticks said positive. Try not to think about getting pregnant and relax. Guarranteed most of you are all wishing you were pregnant and your mind is playing tricks on you. Try the ovulation sticks- I used 3 sticks and ended up pregnant!! Relax and allow your body to tell you what is going on...not your mind. Force yourself to think you are not works. Also coming off the pill truly screws you up for a while.. my friend came off in August and is still waiting for her period...definitely not pregnant either.


haley - April 4

look everyone this question is about me ive been feeling weak not able to sleep reastless no period no nothing im going to take another test in a minitue may be i am


nicci - April 11

i've always been irregular and haven't a period since last june until the ending of march. the following week i went to the doctor and took a test and it came back positive. i went home later and took to more and got the same result. the next week i had a appointment with the ob/gyn and my test came back negative. so now i'm waiting on a blood test to determine if i am or not, and it's driving me crazy trying to figure out what's really going on


Minni - May 12

You know ladies, I just don't get it about the blood test the doctors are making us do it, most of the times they always turned out to be negative, and yet, we can be pregnant for sure. This happened to me because my blood test was negative and so are all of the home pregnancy tests. Well, I'm expecting for an ultrasound soon to prove my hopes that I'll get to be a mom. Wish me luck!


ashley - May 23

I have been having unprotected s_x with my boyfriend, and he never pulls out, andi have been having all the symptoms of being pregnant. i took a test and it came up negative. I didnt have my period all that month, then this month i had my period that only lasted for 3 days or 4 days. I dont know if i am pregnant, when should i take another test?


Christine - May 31

I've had unprotected last week, but also 2 weeks before that, I can feel something different about me, I used to be alble to get up in the mornings sharp now i'm late and late for work, it's tirederness which is not me. I've also been feeling sick every morning and every night at the same time. also I have pain in my stomach which feels like someone inside is nipping me at both sides. I hope in a way i'm pregnant but in a way I don't, i know thats sounds weird. But anyway I took 3 pregnancy tests and every one has come up negative! Good luck.



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