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sarah 1989 - June 8

I am 20 years old and originally got my first period at 9. Ever since my second period I have been 28 days (exactly),lasting ALWAYS 5 or 6 days and I never ever have been late. My symptoms are always identical, cold flashes the day before I start, wake up the next day feeling very hot and have cramps. These cramps only ever are the first day. Since we started trying for a baby in the beginning of May 2008 my symptoms are not the same. My period in May was due on the 8th.The 8th comes and goes and nothing happens, no blood and no symptoms at all. I bought a First Response HPT test... negative. May 8th I also went to the local clinic and had a blood test done, results came on the 12th...negative. All hope was lost. Finally, May 11th arrives and so does my period (3 days late, very very unusual), but still no signs. (Period showed up and I knew I wasn't pregnant, null blood work arrived next day) My period only lasted 2 days and was very light, when I am usually a heavy flow. My fiance and I did some research and find out when my expected week of ovulation should be (21st to the 27th of May). During this week we still tried to conceive. On May 29th I was very nauseous and dizzy, my fiance shrugged it off and said I was just feeling these symptoms because we want a baby. I really truly felt them. On the 30th to the 1st, I was cramping in my abdomen, very painful and felt almost like period pains... but it was too early for that as I was due on the 6th.My fiance keeps telling me I am over emotional recently, which even I have noticed. I am an emotional person but have learned to contain it over the years, now I do not seem to be able to. I have been very tired, going to bed at midnight and sleeping until 2 sometimes. I have always gone to bed at midnight and was up and raring to go at 9 am. I have not changed any exercise, or daily activities. Now it is June 8th, once again 3 days overdue and nothing has shown up. On the 6th I took a Clear Blue test and it clearly stated " NOT PREGNANT", well I went hysterical... cried most of the day. I still do not have my period and no signs of it coming. I cannot bring myself to test again, as I do not think I can deal with the upset again. I could even be almost 2 months pregnant and not know it!!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP OR GIVE SUGGESTIONS AS TO WHAT TO DO!!!!



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