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Sara - August 17

I started my period about a week early. (I am always on time and regular) It wasnt as heavy as usual this time. I had a brown discharge for 3 days after my period. I didnt experience my normal period symptons. I have had crampling and a tingling sensation in my br___t since I had the brown spotting. I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative. Has anyone every had these symptons? If so, what was the outcome?


Viv - September 20

Well, that early period might have been implantation from conception a week or 10 days before. The unusual sensation in the b___st would then be an early symptom, but I would expect you to have more, like very tired, frequent peeing, gas, and nausea. A pregnancy test before the date of your regularly expected period would likely not show positive. Watch for more symptoms, and if they come you should take another test. Come back and tell us how it works out.


Chamz - February 11

I started to have my period one week late of my expected period.I took pregnancy test and it came negative.but i experience all the symptoms of pregnancy ang i notice that my stomach is growing everyday.Could i be a pregnant? I would love to hear ur answer!


Christina - February 11

many preg. symptoms are similar to those of your period. if you had your period you are most likely not preg. your period can be delayed by a number of things, some being stress, weight gain/loss.


Brittney - August 22

Hun I wold have to say i have had the same question i started a week early but i think you need to wait a nother week then take your test.


randi - September 28

yes that exact thing has happened to me i normally have my period on the 21 but in august i had it on the 15th and then had s_x on the 25,28,19 but on the 10 of september i was thought i had a period but it only lasted a day then i was soppting but i took a pg test and it came out negative but im going to the dr. next tuesday because ive had all the symptoms of being pg



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