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KAYLA - January 16

WEll, this is my story, I had a period on oct 29th, missed one in November, and I had 2 da1 day of heavy bleeding and 2 days of light bleeding in Dec 25th, I went to th Dr. he did a BT and urine test all was neg, but lately I am feeling fluttering in my stomach, My stomach is getting bigger everyday, I went to the Er on the Jan 13th and the urine test was neg again, but it was so strange that when the nurse saw me, she said how many weeks pregnant are you? I said I don't know if I am pregnant, she took a urine test, it was neg, but I am growing my bp had never cross 120/80 in all my life, but on sat it was 131/83, my basal tmp was 99.1, and I have gained 4 1bs in 3 weeks, please someone help is it possible I am pregnant, I have had 4 pregnancies before, is it possible, what is this fluttering feeling in my stomach, ps help me I need answers.


anyone - January 18

can anyone help?


sarahmarie - January 18

Answer: Heather~ I haven't had a blood test yet, but I am a couple of day late had 3 - hpts, and from what I have been reading from other peoples stories is that there are two kinds of blood tests, one that measures your hcg level and another that gives you simply a yes or no. The ones that measure your hcg level are more accurate, b/c the other one which is similar to a hpt you buy at the store only picks up if you are pregnant if you have a high enough hcg level. So you could still be preggo. With my daughter Alana I had no idea I was preg. until I was 16 weeks....I had just had my son 4 months b4 I conceived her so I was still b___stfeeding so I had no reason to think I could be pg. Anyway when they gave me a blood test my hcg level said I was only 4-5 weeks, but w/ the ultrasound I was actually 15 1/2.....big you can obviously have lower levels of varies on every women


kayla - January 19

I am due for u/s today, we'll keep you all posted


MARIAN - January 19

I don't know Kayla, but did they do a blood test?? If I were you I would be requesting a blood test and an Ultrasound and that should answer your question. I have heard of people who have had bleeding all the way through their pregnancies and still been pregnant. I too am having a bizaar occurence. All of my home pregnancy tests are testing positive - and I'm talking about at least a dozen or more. I'm two weeks late for my period ( the only time I was ever that late before I was pregnant), but I've done two blood tests, and the Dr's urine test all came back negative. My b___bs are swollen, but not sore, and I'm at a loss. I was so excited about the thought of being pregnant again, because I lost my first one at 9 weeks, and now I'm just totally confused. I hope you find the answers you seek soon!!


KAYLA - January 22



Aussie Mercedes - January 22

Thoughts are with you Kayla!! Keep us up to date. Thanks for you input Sarahmarie - you give us hope! MARIAN


Kayla - January 25

I am scheldule to see the doc tomorrow, will keep you all posted.


Aussie Mercedes - January 25

Hi Kayla, hope all is well! Update on my situation. It's the weirdest thing. After my 2nd Negative blood test and negative Dr's Urine test, my hpts started turning negative so I was really confused and expecting AF to arrive any day. No sign of AF and hpt's are now turning weakly positive again - go figure!! I have a Dr's appointment on Saturday 28 Jan. Hopefully he can shed some new light. He is a family planning guy as opposed to my other dr so hopefully he will be able to give me some answers. Marian


Kayla - January 25

guest what, I just took a pregnancy test and it said positive, could you believe this, I will let you all know how it goes.


Aussie Mercedes - January 26

KAYLA - That's great news!! And alot bizaar if the sonogramist couldn't see anything. Did she look for an Ectopic pregnancy?? Do you have a split uterus? I have heard at one of the other forums that it is posible to have a divided uterus. Make sure you go straight back to the Dr's to get to the bottom of things, as if she see's no baby in the uterus you need to know where it is!! I don't want to scare you, but ectopic pregancies can be life threatening. Please let me know the minute you hear something. You can contact me directly at [email protected] My thoughts and prayers are with you for a very positive and happy outcome!!


Aussie Mercedes - January 27

Hey Kayla - any news? I've been to the Dr's this morning and only resulted in more confusion. His Urine test he determines was negative. I thought I could see a faint line, he said he couldn't. By the time I got home faint line was obvious, but this was past 10mins so inconclusive. Did another blood test have to wait until Monday. Will follow up with an US next week. Dr said pregancy possible, but doubtful and that AF might arrive on 3 Feb when due again. Will keep you posted hope all is well with you. Love Marian


Kayla - January 27

Guest what guys I am preggo, could you believe it? What a great joy after all.


Aussie Mercedes - January 28

KAYLA - Fantastic News!!!!!!!!! How pregnant are you??? I saw the Dr this morning as youknow from my last post, but he told me that up to 8 weeks sometimes hard to pick up baby as they are very small, and that just because you get a negative US early doesn't mean there isn't a baby there. I'm Thrilled for you!!! Now take it easy and avoid anything with caffeine it. Hugs & Kisses and Congratulations Love Marian


Kayla - January 28

I am due for another sonogram oon March 16, will keep you posted, wish you baby dust Marian, Hugs and Kisses to you.


heather - February 1

Kayla, I had a sonagram and they said they didn't see anything, she did a internal ultrasound ,did they say why they did not see the baby, do you know how far along you are.


MARIAN - February 2

Hi Heather, I'm going for an internal US on Saturday, and I know I'll be pretty upset if they don't find a baby in there. I look like I've swallowed a beachball and I'm currently 4wks late. How late are you? Kayla's story and so many other miracles on this site leave alot of room for hope!! Tell me your story. I'm also known as Aussie Mercedes.



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