Am I Pregnant Or Just Crazy

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Elle - February 18

This is my scenario: I got my last normal period Dec 14. My periods are always normal and on time...clockwork like, and I am also a very heavy bleeder. My periods last for 2 days of heavy bleeding and 3 days or so of moderate to mild bleeding. My boyfriend and I had unprotected s_x from dec 21-28th. I did an ovulation check and those were my most fertile times. Now since then, I bled for a day and a half on January 13th. Then again on Feb 9th for a day. Both times I bled it was very light, hardly any clots if any. I have done numerous amounts of hpt's and went to PP for a urine [that was january 27th] and they have all came up negative. I feel like there is something different with me. My stomach hurts usually at nights and i have bouts of nausea. My br___ts are very tender and I have even had some clearish fluid come out of my nipples. I am exausted even after a full nights sleep and I have gotten a weird taste in my mouth from time to time. I am so sick of taking hpt's because they keep coming up negative [i took one tonight, but my pee was almost clear because of all the water and coffee i've been drinking] Has anyone here been pregnant and kept coming up negative? As it is, I would be about 7 1/2-8 weeks pregnant. Is it normal to keep getting negative HPT's? I


Marian - February 19

Hello HEATHER - No - you are not going crazy. Despite the negative tests it sounds as though you are infact pregnant. The metallic taste in your mouth is generally a very strong sign. While you would be 7 1/2 to 8 wks since conception you would actually be considered 9 1/2 to 10 wks pregnant because they count it from the date of you last monthly period (LMP). If you haven't done so already - go and get a blood test, and ask for an Ultra sound(US). To be on the safe side start behaving as if you are which means no alcohol, coffee (caffiene increases the risk of miscarriage), and no smoking. Also, if you haven't been already, start taking folate (folic acid) and pregnancy vitamins as these reduce the risk of birth defects. NOW, it is also very important for you to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I am in almost exactly the same situation as you - my LMP was 11 dec. I had 12 + faint positives followed by negative blood tests and then negative hpts. Then positive hpts for 3 days then neg. All up I've had 4 negative blood tests and 1 negative US. I too regular as clockwork with a 26-28 day cycle. I have had many symptoms, but all the mainframe tests keep coming up negative - so why don't I give up?? Because when you read this forum you realise that there are alot of us out there and several tested negative for 2 - 3 - 4 -5 &7 & 9mths and then delivered healthy babies. One girl who tested neg to blood tests, and had 4 US - has just found out she is 21wks pregnant. Alot of the dr's are insisting impossible for their tests to be wrong and be pregnant, but too many are proving them wrong! Some dr's giving them medication to bring on periods and they don't take them and then find out they are infact pregnant. So join us in our journey go to PREGNANCY TESTS - Negative Ultrasounds and 7 weeks late and still negative. Read the sights and become another link in the chain of us who have no idea. If nothing else you will be amazed by how many of us share your journey. I hope this helps


Elle - February 19

Not quite sure who heather is but i digress, I took another HPT this morning and negative. I just read the entire thread suggested and now I am more worried than before. I dont have health insurance so I feel like my quality of care is going to be diminished. My boyfriend said he would pay for any doctors bills so what should I do?


bohnwin - February 19

Elle, stop drinking coffee, go to the grocery store, and buy some prenatal vitamins. Now, your lack of af could be attributed to four things: pregnancy, hormonal imbalance, stress, or something wrong (i.e. cysts on your ovaries) with your woman parts. A simple ultrasound will rule out pregnancy or something wrong with your woman parts. Hormonal imbalance and stress are usually caused by the same thing. Truth is that we don't know just how old you are or if you've been under any stress or change of lifestyle lateley. For example, I am currently 3 weeks late (29 years old, mother of one) for af. I have take a blood pregancy test, and it was negative (I ran it myself). I know I'm not pregnant, but my cycle is delayed due to stress becaus my dh has just deployed to Iraq. Let us know more detail about what is going on.


Elle - February 19

Well to be honest, nothing is going on that would stress me out. My period hasn't been late...each time i've bled its been either a week early or two weeks early, which makes no sense. Im 26 too.


bohnwin - February 19

Elle, are you trying, or secretly hoping to be pregnant? I don't want to offend you, but there is a thing called psuedocyesis where a woman (and sometimes men) want to be pregnant so badly that their mind makes them think that they are having pregnancy symptoms. The only way to make it pa__s is to wait until af visits you or talk to your doc about it. If you get a u/s at 8 weeks prego it would certainly show you a fetus (I had one at 5 weeks, and it showed a heartbeat). A hpt could sometimes be misleading. Chalk it up to human error. A test run in a laboratory is more reliable, but not 100%, again, human error. You could push for a quanitative Hcg test which measures only the beta subunit of the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. It is more specific, and a___lyzed by a machine, which means that it takes the human equation almost completely out of it. Then downside is that it is more costly than a hpt, or your standard urine test run at your doc's office. Best of luck. Keep us posted!


Marian - February 20

Sorry ELLE, I typed Elle originally but the computer wiped out my message and I had to type it again and I stuffed up your name. I'm also sorry if I confused you more, I was just trying to help you not to worry and realise that you are not alone. My heart was in the right place. TRY NOT TO WORRY TOO MUCH or you will stress yourself out! BOHNWIN - I can certainly understand your stress. I hope and pray that your husband's tour of duty keeps him safe and that you are both happily re-united on home soil.


kelly - February 22

it's not normal for the tests to come up neg all time time if i were you i would go to your GP and have a blood test done then they will confirm for you if your pregnant or not or send you for a scan that will definently give you neg or pos. by the sounds of your symptoms theres a good possibility you might be hope this helps you out!!


elle - February 22

thanks for all the replies. to answer the question i most certainly do NOT want to be pregnant. the thought if it freaks me out and and I do not want to be pregnant. I am not TTC or anything. just trying to get some answers.



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