Am I Pregnant Or Not

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[email protected] - January 4

Ok here is my situation...... with my first pregnancy with my daughter who is now 5 months i had my first two periods and a abnormal short period come to find out i was 2 and 3/4 months pregnant..... now i have had two periods and one that was pink then brown and lasted only 2 days, my br___t hurt im producing colostrum, im nausous tired moody have to urinate alot, all familiar symptoms all ones i had with my first one now keep in mind it didnt show up positive with my first pregnancy until i was 2 3/4 months along. and i took preg test with my first was and all neg even blood until i was that far along, sorry this is so long my quest is this i have all the symptoms mentioned above and still neg test my last abnormal period was 12/29/05 and lasted 2 days very light then brown blood test was neg i am schedualed with my doc to run more tests on mon the 9th. what is going on??????


Sad - January 4

I'm in the middle of a similar situation. My period is about 4 weeks late. I stopped taking birth control about 2 months ago. The past two weeks I have had many pregnancy symptoms and four positive hpts. So, I went to the doctor on 12/31 and had a urine test, which was positive. Then the blood test. I got the results today and they were negative, so I went for a retest today. Now, I'm just waiting and going crazy. I've never been pregnant before, but I've got so many symptoms, I thought this is how it's supposed to feel. My concern is- if the 2nd blood test is negative, and I have actually miscarried, if I don't start bleeding soon, do I have to have a d-n-c? I'm really sad and scared. My husband was so happy when I told him we were pregnant, it's breaking my heart just to look at him now. I feel like my body has betrayed me. How could you be almost 3 months along before and have a negative blood test? I'm hopeful that my blood test was wrong... just wondering if that's possible. Good luck to you- I hope you get the results you want. Anyone out there who can give me any advice?


[email protected] - January 5

sad- well did your doc do a qualitive or quant_tive blood test? one is a yes or no and one measures the pregnancy hormone...... i took a blood test when i was 1 1/2 months pregnant and it came back no....but when i was 2 3/4 months along it came back yes i just kept on pursuing it apparently my body wasnt producing enough hcg to make a yes blood test but i had a healthy baby girl now i am waiting to go to the doc on mon and see whats goin on hang in there im trying to


MrsDick - January 5

[email protected] - I hope you find out if you are pregnant or not soon! Keep us updated. I am now 5 weeks and 2 days late. All negative HPTs and neg. urine test at doctor's....took a blood test but won't hear back for a couple days.


Sad - January 5

Well, I guess I need to change my username to Ecstatic! I got the results back from my 2nd blood test today and they were great! They showed I am pregnant and somewhere between 2-3 months.... but I just quit my bc pills about 3 months ago. The doc said it must have been lab error or a faulty test... I am in happy shock right now! What a rough 24 hours this was- I prepared myself for the worst and then got the best news possible! Now I just can't wait to see this precious one on an ultrasound. Good luck to you all!


[email protected] - January 5

Sad- CONGRADULATIONS- im so happy for you let me tell you first hand it is an amazing experience!!!!! The first time you hear the heartbeat, when you find out the s_x, when you see the little one on the ultrasound and then the big moment all that pain and hard work blood sweat and tears you met your beautiful child it brings tears to my eyes still remembering the first time i saw my daughter and held her and looked at my husband and seen him in tears its magical.... anyway i hope i get the results i want i really want another baby i know it seems soon 5 months after having a baby but i want them close together....anyways please pray for me i will find out latest on tuesday or wednsday



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