Am I Pregnant Or Not So Confused

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Julie - November 5

3 months ago i missed a pill while on holiday,(i took it the following day at the same time as my next pill) my next period was 3 days late and very light and was on for one day, having all the symtoms of pregnancy apart from being next period was 4 days late and was only on for half a day, about quater of a pint lost. feeling bubbling etc in my stomach and my waist getting bigger, i feel pregnant but i had another period this time on the day i meant to take my pill(after break) but it was only when i wiped and it was spotting...once i went to the loo and i had a very very sml blood clot. i went to the toilet 2 -3 times in that couple of hours and each time i wiped i sml amount was on the tissue but then stopped, nothing else that was over a week ago i have a few cramp pains at the bottom of my stomach and have a white creamy discharge occasionly. the thing is i have several pregnancy test and they have come back negative. I have just had one about 4hrs ago and it was negative, i have one more pregnancy test left...arrgh what is happening will it be something else to worry about? Has anyone else been in this situation?


Leah - November 5

I am 7 days late. I have taken 2 hpt and both neg. I called my doctor and the nurse said if it is neg then I can't be pregnant. I just feel sick. I have cramp pains for the last few days with no period and white creamy discharge. I hope that we fiqure out what is going on. I was told by others that I may have tested to soon and to wait another week.


julie - November 5

I forgot to mention that i have 3 children and with all my 3 children i did not stop a period for a while...i got pregnant at 17 with my first child i had to go to the doctors 3 times befoe it said positive, my second child i did not know i was pregnant until she kicked, my mother in law thought it was wind, i lost a baby because i did not know i was pregnant i was 6 weeks i excercised and took stop smoking pills. thanks for replying leah and i have my fingers crossed for you all. I am so glad i have found this site.



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