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Becca D. - November 17

Hey guys, I took a hpt this morning (the answer early one) and have a positive. I then read online at POAS.COM about dissappearing positives. Mine is still there after two hours. Can anyone tell me if they have had a positive (faint line, clearly there though) and not be pregnant? I will go and buy another brand just to make sure. I just really hope this is correct. I have had two miscarriages in the past two years...the last one in January at 10 1/2 weeks. We have been trying since then. Please pray for us!! Thanks.


Bump - November 17



Becca - November 18

Just an was a true positive. I got my HCG levels back form the doc today!!! My numbers were 64!!! Not too bad I guess!!! I pray this baby makes it full term!! I go back on Monday to recheck the levels to insure they have doubled!!!!


Ashley - November 18



julie - December 1

I've had problems with it not knowing if I'm for sure pregnant...will go in for blood work tomorrow!! Wish me luck!


Becca D - December 1

Well mine was a definite...never disappeared. Had my last level checked this past Monday and HCG was up to 7,774!! YEA!! We get our first sonogram tomorrow!! I should be about 6 weeks!! :) Hopefully we'll see the heartbeat, but could be too early! :) Good luck to you Julie!


Kimi - December 7

i had 2 faint pos. that showed up almost instantly, with this brand, i kept taking other tests and they all came up neg. but this one and i was not preg. that was a couple months ago. and now i am dealing with the stress of testing now i took and equate + - test and i think it might have ben after 10 min. but i got a really faint pos. on both of thoes tests yesterday and the day b4 but yesterdays was a little darker. i took a different brand today, eckerd brand the one that is not a stick but looks like a flat box and it is neg. i hope i am. what do you all think?!?!?


Becca D. - December 7

I wish I could help you on this....i am the one who started the post. I am pregnant, I am a little over 6 weeks...we have seen the heartbeat twice now - and we go back on the 16th to check it again. We are so hopeful about this one. Good luck to you...I would take another test tomorrow, and/or schedule a blood test...that's what I did, the same day I got the positives, I went ahead and had my doctor to a HCG level check.


Anyone - December 21

Anyone else have a good outcome with this one?



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