Any Ideas On Next Steps Or Just Wait

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financegal50 - March 19

I am 35 and trying for our first baby. I am trying to figure out if I am pregnant or not. I have a very short cycle and it comes like clockwork too. Every 21 days. I also have a short luteal phase average of 9 days but have only been charting for 3 months so not entirely sure if that's accurate. I am on day 14 of my luteal phase (dpo) and four days past when I normally get my period. On and off today I have had some cramping like I am starting my period, but nothing has happened, and usually this may sound strange but whenever I start my period I get really bad aching in my left knee. I think I must have arthritis in it or something. Anyhow, it's not as bad as it normally is, I usually have to take Advil or I can't stand it, and it comes and goes. For most of the morning I have had a dull ache and then it gets worse and then subsides again. My chart is like a poster child for pregnancy. I showed a definite tri-phasic pattern and I showed an implantation dip on days 7 and 8 and then my temp rose and stayed consistent for three days then spiked way up and then dropped back down to a little lower than what it was before it spiked but still well above my coverline. I have taken a hpt the last 4 days and all show negative. I have read several things regarding how many women think they are getting their period and they have off and on cramps and were pregnant. Then I also read that sometimes it takes 2 weeks or longer for the HCG to be sufficient enough to get a positive reading. Any thoughts on what I should do next or do I just wait 2 more days to see if I get my period? They say you should know too at about 16 days past ovulation whether or not you are pregnant? So confused? =


SComas - March 19

financegal50 - I'm also 35 and want to have my first child. I just got married last summer and we've been trying to get pregnant. Like I said before, I have never been late. And, my cycle is accurate to the date, it has never variated. My luluteal phase is an average of 10 days. I have already tested several times and keep getting negatives. I would now be 43 days past my last period, and last I tested negative was last friday (10 days past my missed period). I know I can test again soon but I'm scared to get another negative. That's why I plan to wait and see if my next period comes. I hope this isn't unhealthy, if in fact, I may not be pregnant. I have many symptoms that point out to pregnancy but I'm not sure if these symptoms are also because my period hasn't come around. I just wouldn't know since I've never really been late. So, I'm so confused too.


mjvdec01 - March 19

It can be tough to achieve pregnancy with such a short cycle, but the mere fact that you are late is encouraging. If I were you I would call your OB and get an appointmet for a quant_tative HCG, this test will show the exact level of HCG in your blood. DO NOT get the qualitative HCG, that one will only register preg. or not preg. Not pregnant with this test would be anything 24 and under, whereas 25 would register as preg. When you test make sure you are only using first morning urine, and use a brand name test. Through research on my own and reading the FDA reports, I have found that First Response is definitely the best hpt to use. You can usually fring them with two in a box and if you are luck somethimes three. I would get two or three boxes and test every morning... that's just me. Good luck, let me know what happens.



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