Anybody Had A Hpt 3 Days Before Af Was Due Amp Was Pregg

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Angie - August 22

Hello im 12dpo and due for af on the 08/24/2005. I ovulated on the 10th of August, bd on the 9, 10, 11, and the 12th. Had mild cramping on and off during my cycle. Feeling gassy, constipated, nipples extra sensitive, emotional, cranky, and have a wet white discharge. As you can see I have all the symptoms and feel very much pregnant. Could I be pregnant and when should i test again? Anybody else had a negative test, and ended up being pregnant?


marisa - August 22

Hi Angie I would love the answer to that question as well. AF was due on 12 august, but ii didnt actually ovualte until the 12 of august so i read that if you ovulate late in a cycle you could have to wait like two weeks for an accurate result. today is 10dpo for me!! very anxiuos to take next test. I jope were both pregnant!!! i too have some slight symptoms! slight nighttime nausea, crampiness on and off and tender brests. im afraid it may be wishful thinking, i m/c in june and want to be pregnant sooo bad again. keep me posted as to how your results turn out!


stevie - August 22

I ovulatedaround same time as u angie and I took the test on 8/21 I will wait til this weekend.


C. - August 22

Yes, I know someone who got BFN 12 dpo and BFP 13dpo, so it can happen. However, I have to say it has never happened to me. Good luck Angie.


Tillie - August 23

I did, four days before I was due. It was positive and had a precious baby boy.I was always 28 days, very rarely ever late. good luck I am sure your mom wants to be a grandma


Angie - August 23

Thanks everybody for responding, Marisa i think you might be right about ovulating late, i did have some late cramping. I will see if af comes 08/24, if she don't i will test this weekend. I'm having cramps like the witch is on her way. good luck everybody!!!!!!!!!!


April McIntyre - August 23

Yes maam, with my older daugter i had my pd the first month and had a neg test 3 days before my cycle would be due again but it never showed and I found out 2 days after that sure nuff my little one was on the way. By the way with my second one i skipped my period but had negative tests till 10 weeks with her, too, my ultrasounds had me as being less pregnant by a month or more than I was clear till I delivered and oops baby 1 was overdue (not 37 weeks)and baby 2 was just about 40 not 37 weeks! in summary , never trust the tests ! trust your body and your baby!


Kira - August 23

April McIntyre, What test did you take? Just curious I believed in the home pregnancy test. Now that i'm reading alot of these stories about false readings im having doubts. I already have a 2 yr old, so im familiar with the symptoms. I am also three days late. So I took First Response and it came out negative. I just wanted to know which hpt did you take that gave you that bogus answer? So that I will know maybe, I have gotton the same false reading.


Angie - August 24

Thanks April for the wonderful insight. Well af is due today, no sight of her showing her face. Kira, I took a first response early pregnancy test, and it showed up negative. I believe i am pregnant, i have all the symptoms. I went to first response's web-site to see how low the hcg had to be in order to show poistive lon their test and there was nothing outlining that. I'm curious, because when i told my cousin that i used first response, she thought that was a bad choice. She told me that she used answer. I will pick up another test tonight and retest tommorrow. keep in touch with me, i'm curious about the test. good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I believe for most people that home pregnancy test works. It came out negative for me twice yesterday, even though i was 3 days late . Today my period came. I know alot of women in this forum want to be pregnant but I alot of women are in DENIAL in here also. Most likely if you are getting a negative on a pregnancy test AFTER a couple days of your due period and not taking the test right after your period, most likley ladies you are NOT pregnant! You're spending money every day and taking 5 pregnancy a day is not going to make that baby come sooner. Trust me ladies if you have a baby in your stomach its sure to show its self itself.


Angie - August 24

I'm not for sure that i would call it denial, but curious. You here it about false negative's all the time in this forum. I know I don't have a problem with accepting the truth. I'm a little on the edge because i thought this forum was set up to ask questions and get answers from supportive people. Ask yourself is telling some their in denial being supportive. Your worlds was "I believe for most people that home pregnancy test works". Why are you in this forum, your feedback wasn't insightful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


kris - August 24

I agree with you Angie, but have found a lot of rude people on this site. There are also many helpful ones. The test probably worked for them, and can't believe that for some women it doesn't work for. Some people take the tests a day or 2 after their period should be there and it doesn't come. They wait 2 weeks and take it again and then it shows up. Maybe the test is working fine, but the woman's body is not producing enough HcG. This is the case a lot of the times. Ladies- you're questions and concerns are valid. Pregnancy is different for everyone and every pregnancy itself is different with the same woman. You know you body best of all, so if you are feeling pregnant and the hpt comes out -, then get a blood test done at the doc. I hope you all well with whatever you wishes are(to be or not to be:))


KIm - August 24

Yes I had negative results right up till I found out I was already a month pregnant


Angie - August 24

thanks kris, you sum it up better. Thank you for your feedback :)


Mel - September 2

Hi Angie, Just curiuso as to your result. I'm having the same pregnancy symptons you described and a negative result 3 days before due. I will test again in a couple of days but interested in your outcome.


Laura - September 13

I had a negative 2 and 3 days before AF was due using FRED i took a clear clue on day AF was due (today) and it came up positive


Linda - September 23

Hi Angie. By now, you probably have the answer to your question (best of luck to you!), but for anyone else who is seeking an answer to this question, I just thought I'd throw my experience into the mix. I strongly suspected that I was pregnant, so I started to hpts way too early...bought a variety of different types and tested starting a week before my AF was due. Needless to say, they all turned out negative and continued to be negative until about a week after my AF was due (even though several were supposed to be reliable 10 days before). I am now confirmed 8 weeks pregnant! I don't want to provide false encouragement to anyone out there, because I know that the tests are usually accurate, but some women don't develop HcG levels as high or quickly as others, so you never can tell. If you can resist, I'd suggest holding off on the hpts until you are late, so you don't drive yourself crazy as I did, but I'm hardly one to talk. Best of luck to all!



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